Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yesterday I got something for all of you!


I bought some candy to show you guys and took a bunch of pictures of 7/11s and OKmarts. I got a lot of looks.

This one is Japanese. The packaging is amazing.

This one looked cool.

It releases energy? Or something?

Now for stuff I didn't buy.

Dear mom, look at this.

Wine and beer

Chips ad stuff



Cute/ popular


God, I hate M&Ms. I can't even run from them in Taiwan.

Did you enjoy? Good! I'm happy!

...BUT WHY AREN'T YOU COMMENTING? I miss comments. ;_; Please tell me what you're thinking.


  1. Hi Michelle!
    I how are you? I love all the pictures you have been incorporating into you blog. I'll comment on some of your other respective posts too.
    I love the pic that shows all the different Taiwan packaging it is in between the Hello Kitty candy pic & the Ferrero Rocher pic. Mmmm, yes the large pic of the TWIX candy did get me to kinda crave one.
    I think your doing an excellent job of depicting life in Taiwan to all of us in the States so the average person gets what it's like over there too. Your sense of humor adds alot (makes it a bit edgy) to the blog and makes it interesting. ( I love dark humor/sarcasm personally :))
    Keep up the good job Michelle!
    Love & Kisses, Mom

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  3. If there was a store like that around UMass I would become disgustingly obese. Curry every day before class, Hello Kitty chocolates instead of dinner, etc etc..... You must have been in candy heaven. Especially from those Pakittsu things. What were those? They looked like chocolate something or other but I couldn't really tell from the package alone. They still look delicious though. But after trying the Chinese candy, how would you compare it to the Japanese? I mean I'm pretty sure the Japanese have got the Taiwanese beat in cuteness etc but in terms of taste are they better?? From what I've seen they look like they come at the very least pretty close. Make sure to get LOTS from that store, by the way. I really want to try those Pakittsu things >U<