Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exchange students in my school. ETC ETC

There are three. Me, a boy and a girl. I wont use names, they may read this, I don't want them to think there is a ton of stuff posted and traceable back to them on the internet.

Let's start with the girl, because she's nicer and easier to talk about. She's a girl, I'm a girl. We get along. She is from france so sometimes we can't talk as smoothly as we both would like. But she's told me to correct her english and I have to say, her english is passable anyway.

Then there is a boy, he speaks better english but I don't really understand him as a person. He makes fun of me and when ever he sees me he laughs. He's really really nice to me one moment but then he's super seme angry mean the next. Yet he's really nice to the french girl. But I don't understand it. He's says I "provoke" it. He tells me one moment "Oh I'm sorry, I've been in the sun for too long... I'm on painkillers..etc etc," but then he's like, "GR SHUT UP." And then he'll act like he had no idea he said it. But he's a straight guy, so I guess he's acting normally for him.

Today I was invited to an exchange student party. The exchange students like to do the same kinds of things as me, but they are not my style of people. I will go to the party and have fun, but they don't really feel like safe people to be around at times. My friends from home will understand me. Probably.

I like to study languages. That's my fun in life. And I also like to do other things, but only in a safe and friendly atmosphere. I don't just party to party. I think that's stupid. You should like the people you're around. Not just hangout with them and pretend you like them.


My ego is getting kind of big, although my boyfriend would disagree. When I walk into a room two hours late, everyone stands up and claps for me and welcomes me. When I walk down the hallway in my school, everyone, EVERYONE waves to me and says hello. When I walk down any street people stare at me. When I ask for help, everyone drops when they're doing and runs to help me. When I say or write or do anything, everyone is impressed. So if I speak English, they're amazed. If I say ni hao, they're amazed. If I speak Japanese, they're amazed. If I sit down, or stand up, they're amazed. XD I'm pretty much serious here.

Actually it's starting to make me wary.

In other news I told my host mom I didn't like the food the maid cooked last night and all hell broke lose. The food in this house is... questionable... But not in all of Taiwan. Just in this house.

ALSO, I met a Taiwanese boy the the three day rotary thing and he told me about how he got assigned this number. And he acted like he was SO LUCKY AND HAPPY his school referred to him as a number. But, like, he got me really excited about it... Today I found out I don't get one. It's not fair. He told me I would...

7/11, go there. But not in America. Because American 7/11 sucks. BUT MCD's, go there. Because that's better in America.


  1. i don't think you need to tell an american to go to mcd's. it's almost implied at this point. and i'm sorry the food at the house is bad D: maybe once you learn some high end cooking at your school you can cook for them ;D

    and about Isseikun, i think you should just ask him if he is mad or upset straight out, cuz then at least you can hopefully get an answer. and even if he's lying, you'll probably figure it out and still have your answer. it's better than worrying about it now and regretting never asking in the future.

    next year i'll clap for you when you walk in japanese class and bow like a good uke. if you're really good, i might even walk you to your classes and stare at you all the time ;D

    and really??? the guy just sounds like a stupid typical male, so i wouldn't really worry about that. straight male frequencies of consciousness are usually pretty low, so sometimes its hard to understand they're savage behavior. just ignore him and i'm sure he'll stop being a seme ass. don't uke to his seme or he'll take advantage.

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  3. Wow, the similarities never end. I have the same exact philosophy about "going out" or having parties with people. It shouldn't be about how crazy you can get with people you don't really care about. I hope you find your group of people you can hang out with properly. I did, but it wasn't till the second half of the exchange.