Saturday, September 11, 2010

New videos

For more info, that's really important to understand the video, please click on the video in order to go to my youtube and read the box under the video.

I've redone the info and titles and links like three times now. Only one video has them. It's really making me upset to have to retype everything so many times. I'm going to come back to it later.


  1. "I'm sorry if that doesn't make sense to you. It doesn't need to." These were the funniest videos ever. At least for me. So many little things make you so happy. I think i'm gonna favorite these for life and watch them when I miss you. I don't mean to be insulting by saying they were funny its just the sense of humor was funny. Do these like every day.

  2. @Zack,
    I'm really happy someone can take enjoyment from my videos. XD

    These videos took over three hours to upload. I can't do it everyday!

  3. The second video is one of the most funny videos I've ever seen

    You're so cute!

    And the wallets look really good.
    I love you!

  4. I love you Hun- and loved your videos! It's so nice to hear you & see you. The hair stuff is very cute. Ioved the bun maker - it's adorable. Yes, you can send me one. The pizza hut video was quite interesting-sounds very nice. Thanks for sharing. I tried to comment on these videos before and got error messages.
    I love you.<3 Love Mom