Monday, September 13, 2010

Typical school week for me

So I will find pictures for this later.

Basically, every Monday and Thursday I have Chinese class from 8:10am to 11:00. So I wake up at the same time, 6:45, and get dressed, eat breakfast and etc. At 7:22 I leave to the bus stop. It's a five minute walk. At 7:30 or sometimes 7:40, the bus 278 will come. It's my bus. Now sometimes if will have a sign with the stops updating at every stop. But today it didn't have anything, so you just had to look out the window and try to see if it looked like your stop. That sometimes happens. It sucks. Normally they have the sign with Chinese and English.

My bus ride is about 30 minutes long. I usually study if it's a chinese class morning. Or just daydream if it's a normal day. Another favorite is to people watch. I've gotten really good at taking the bus.

On chinese class days, I get to class at 8:10 and then study more for the tests. Every test I've gotten 100% on so far. Most people didn't do so well. We have a 15 minute break every hour. There is an amazing shop on the first floor with EVERYTHING you could want. I'm the 5th, in case you care. I have the BEST Chinese teacher, I hope I can stay with her for the whole year. But every couple of months we get tested and moved based on our level. I've heard some of the other Chinese teachers aren't so great.

I leave at 11am and then all the exchange students that want to hangout and eat lunch together go to Ximending. We take the bus, it's about 20 minutes.

Xinmending is a place for young people to hangout and shop. It ranges from really cheap to really expensive. It has everything. It's like a really modern New York City. But cleanish.

We usually eat dumplings because it's good and cheap. Then we shop for 15-20 minutes. Then we all go back to school.

Usually I will go to Japanese class upon entering the school. The Japanese teacher are really young and nice. They don't have my level in this school. I'm too good. XD That's a little sad because I'm not so great. I'm just okay.

Then I go to class until 4 or 4:30.

Then my bus boy takes me home. Then I hunt for something good to eat. There is always something. Then I usually go online or study or have friends over or meet with rotary students.

I prefer to see people on weekends though. I'm always tired the next day if I see someone on a weekday.

If it's not a Chinese class day, I go to school at the same time. Then I chill until lunch time, maybe go to Japanese class. At lunch time, I go with the other exchange students to explore the area for an hour. We eat lunch at a sushi restaurant most often. It's very cheap. You can eat a sushi lunch or dinner for $3USD very easily. We also often go to the same book store. Taiwanese notebooks and pen and etc are sooo cute and cheap.

After lunch, we all go back to class and wait for the day to end.

During class I like to play Taiwanese card games with my classmates, or study Chinese, or study Japanese, or study sometimes SAT stuff.

This post is all over the place. Sorry. It's also a little boring. But I like it. I like how I spend my school days here.

Bedtime! Usually on sun-thrus I sleep at 9:30ish. It's not really hard to do that.


  1. It's always fascinating to get more incite to your life.

    I think it's good for your friends to get a better look at your daily life, and many viewers interested in emulating this trip would like to have an idea of what their's may be like.

    I really like posts like this one. You're doing a great job Michelle.

  2. Haha so I creepily found your blog from David and Derek's blog which I also creeped on via Facebook...however, I'm really glad I found this because it's so interesting :)!
    I noticed that you deleted a blog entry, I guess they weren't too happy about it >_>;
    Oh well, what can you do? I hope you still continue blogging though :D

  3. @Ʀαͼɧϵℓ, Hello!

    I'm happy you found my blog! That's what the internet is for! Stalking! Feel free to stalk me on here. I actually love it.

    About that entry, it was deleted. However, OF COURSE I WILL KEEP BLOGGING!


  4. i like having set schedules like that. i hope i get something like that once i get used to college a little bit more. i don't even have a japanese langauge class!!!! btw i've been wondering is the air there like china where its really really dirty? or is it japanese and everything is just clean and pretty and perfect?? you should give mini chinese lessons. that would make me happy :D

  5. I liked hearing about your day. How busy it is! It sounds like fun. I know you like schedules so you must be in your element.

  6. @Zack
    Aren't you majoring in Japanese?!?!?!?!? WHY DON'T YOU HAVE JAPANESE CLASS. I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU. (jk jk, but really, how can you major in Japanese if you don't have the class?)
    The air here is really bad. Not as bad as china, I'm sure. I think it's because it's a big city.
    I will give mimi chinese lessons.

    I like to do the same thing everyday. If I could only find someone who liked to study for fun everyday, I'd really be in my element.