Sunday, September 26, 2010

Meet my Japanese friend!

Half Japanese, half Taiwanese.

His name is Shohei.

I kind of forced these pictures upon him. Sorry, Shoheikun. But the people need to see your face.


  1. Nice pics Michelle. He reminds me of what I'd expect a guy in a Taiwanese Drama to look like.
    I'm glad your getting to meet students from Japan as well to work on your Japanese language and cultural awareness. Thanks for posting these pics! It helps paint the picture of who you are keeping company with along with the foods you are eating and the events you are attending.

  2. Today he wore red contacts. It's like he's the perfect person. Maybe there is a god.

  3. I'm trying to imagine him with red contacts, and all I get in my head are images of Itachi. He kind of looks like someone right out of Hana yori Dango. But of course, this is all "coincidence" that you just "happen" to become friends with all these attractive Japanese men. Right? I mean it's not like you would go searching for them and clinging to their long black flowing hair or anything like that. Because you have David. I'm glad you're being such a good good girl. It makes me happy.

  4. He kind of looks like Itachi.

    I can't help it if the beautiful men happen to be Japanese and happen to surround me. Not like I would want to help it.

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