Monday, September 6, 2010

Story of my life

I'm watching a youtube video on bra sizing because a person I'm subscribed to made it. I was learning a lot about getting the right bra. It has health and cosmetic reasons! The girl is in a shirt and trying on different bras over her shirt to explain her points. It looks really weird. The video is almost done. My host mother walks in the room, "Can I use the comp--." She looks at the screen. She looks away quickly, "uter for 30 minutes?"



  1. too funny Michelle :) I have not looked at your blog in quite sometime so I will have to add you to my daily morning reads. Sorry about your host family I am giving you a virual hug.

  2. @Heather,

    Actually this host family isn't bad. We're just still trying to understand each other. If they turn out bad I'll let you know. I think they mean well.

    My life is very funny right now. Just wait until I tell everyone about this boy in love with me. It's so strange!

    Thank you commenting!

  3. sooo on google ads right now it has "bra, large bra sizes, etc." maybe google and youtube are trying to tell you something ;D

  4. @Zack, what are you trying to say?! o_O