Friday, September 17, 2010


Hello everyone!

I have a lot of stuff to post here.
-Library in Taiwan adventure
-more classmates
-lots of videos and pictures to add

Yesterday I made two new videos. But they wont be posted for another few days. Today I want to relax. Tomorrow I have an all day rotary thing. We're going to a waterpark. I think it'll be fun. Then on sunday I'm going to the doctor and seeing someone to tutor them in english. But I'm not really sure who they are... Yeah...

So, I wanted to also say, I studied for SATs in school today again! I'm really on a role. But sadly, I don't think I'm getting any better. On each section I still get the same amount right and wrong. But maybe I am getting a little better. VERY slowly.

I take SATs in a month here in Taiwan. Yes, you can do that.

Okay, I hope this will hold you over until I can actually do something new.

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  1. The practice SATs are harder than the actual ones i think, because the same thing happened to me. You just need to remember that if you don't know the answer, just put in fish. Then you automatically get it right.