Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reunited with ponsuke! And new second favorite chips!

Ponsuke is a Japanese snack. It's like puffed rice with seasoning. It's soooo good. I love it. I haven't had it in a year. But I had it today! Oh ponsuke, I missed you!

Pictures later. (UPDATE: NOW!!)

Lays beat pringles in the stack style chip market here!

So, I really like salt and vinegar chips. They are my absolute favorite. But, coming in a close second place is Lay's pringles style "Seaweed Sushi" chips. They taste sooo good. Not like sushi, but like nori and salt and something amazing. I wish we had these in US. They kind of taste like a good version of sour cream and onion chips.

I do have a picture! You will not get it today. (UPDATE: YES YOU WILL)

Adi (the live in maid) is making me noodles. I'm really happy.

And don't yell at me for no pictures today. I uploaded 8 to here today alone. They're all on my classmate post. So go look at it again. I added.

Want a picture of original lays chips? Okay! They're thicker than ours. That's the only difference.


  1. salt and vinegar are my favorite too :D and those sushi chips sound amazing. america needs to hurry up and get with the rest of the world with these lays instead of those disgusting ketchup flavored things. and i've suprisingly never heard of those ponsuke things. i kinda sorta think i had them before but i don't know.

  2. MMMmm... these Lay's pringles style "Seaweed Sushi" chips sound amazingly delicious. Please send some when you get around to it. :-)

  3. Salt and vinegar certainly is delicious
    To be honest seaweed sushi sounds disgusting...
    But then again if you've never tried it, raw fish seaweed, and rice doesn't sound tasty either