Sunday, September 26, 2010

Taiwanese beach with rotary and host family!

Hi Everyone! It's been awhile. I haven't been on the computer in two to three days! Those of you who know me, know how painful that is. ANYWAY, yesterday was an amazing day. BUT BEFORE I TELL YOU ABOUT IT: I put pictures on an old post about snacks here!!! Please take a look! Click here to see the post with pictures! Whaa, I even linked you. Lucky day for you, isn't it?! (I know that you don't understand my humor. It's okay. You don't want to.)

So like two weeks ago this guy (Swiss) from my school and I started planning a group trip to Ximending (hot spot) to go see a 3D movie. I causally told this to the people who need to know. But then rotary decided to invite me to their beach party. Now, I was in charge of this movie event. So it looks really bad for me to not be even going. So before I understood how amazing my beach trip was going to be, I felt a mix of bummed out and also really excited that I was getting to go to a Taiwanese beach. I had seen how cool going to the beach is in Taiwanese drama. Going to the beach was on my list of must do's.

Then on the way to the beach Peggy told me rotary said I wasn't allowed to take my SAT test. This is the test, which if I don't take it I wont get into college. This is the test I already paid $100USD to take. Well, that put a bummer on everything. But I tried not to let it put down my spirits.  (Later I talked to my rotary club's leader and she said she would help me out. So I feel about 77% sure I'm going to be able to take the test. I'll keep you updated, because if I can't take this test, I'm pretty much going to have to leave. I love Taiwan, but I can't trade Taiwan for college. But like I said, 77% sure. My Taiwanese rotary club seems to be doing everything they can to help me take this test.)

From where we live in Taipei, the beach we went to was an hour away. On the way we ate MCD. And when we got there we had cake at a little shop.

Then we had fruit and snacks with Rotary in their hotel room they rented for this trip. It was a really nice room. Rotary must have paid sooo much money for this trip. I feel so lucky to have gone. It BLEW my movie plan out of the water.

They gave my host family these green bands to wear so we could go anywhere at the beach and these map things, which had tickets for stuff you could do.

Then we went exploring. There was a concert with famous people. It was REALLY REALLY cool.

There were so many food stands.

This one I tried. It was good. Not as good as the other pancake I showed you guys. But it was still good.

I also tried this amazing popcorn. If we had this in America, I would buy soooo much of it. It was seaweed flavor!

you had this.

We can't all be that lucky though.

I'm getting sick of writing. I think it must be boring.

They had a huge bath party with just bubbles. The children loved it. Honestly, I would also love to try this.

Isn't it pretty?

This was a good picture.


I went on a paddle boat! Cheers for excercise.

The center of the table spun. Great for eating, not so great for picture taking. The food was good.

We ended the night with fireworks!

I'm out of time, so I can't upload all the pictures or finish this post. I will add a LOT to this next time. (UPDATE: This is all you're getting. I did add some.)

I just wanted to check in on you guys and let you know I'm still alive, still blogging. And things were kind of not going well for a while, but they seem to be under control now. But that's a post for another day! I'm happy, I'm well. I will keep you updated!


  1. The party looked amazing! I wish i could have gone with you. I'm in a library in the french mountains at the moment. I love you

  2. I'm so jealous!!!!! The beach you went to definitely seems to trump our wonderful CT beaches where all we get are jellyfish. And I'm pretty sure I've never seen a pedestrian bridge that big before. Were you able to walk across it??

    Also, if you already did, BRING SOME OF THAT POPCORN HOME. It looks really really good. I mean, as much as I love my American diabetes flavored popcorn, seaweed sounds much better ;D.

    Who was playing at the concert??? You said they were famous, right?? Well if they're so famous than I should be able to YouTube them and stalk their YouTube page. I'm in need of some good Taiwanese.

    Also, where was that little shack thingy that you posted in the first pictures??? It looks really cute. I loved the seashells on the wall. And I was going to ask what MCD was, but I just figured it out. I'm getting a little slow....ToT

    I'm sorry I haven't commented in such a long time, or talked to you in a while D: I've been quite the negative fish with college lately, and I plan to make up for it. I actually still have to wake up moderately early every morning, so if you see me up on fb than chat me ;D

  3. What Taiwanese dramas do you watch?

  4. It started with a kiss 1 and 2
    Devil beside you
    etc etc


  5. Oh my gosh! I love Devil Beside You. Mike He looks like an awesome kisser. He was also great in Why Why Love (with the same cast as DBY). Hana Kimi's pretty good but I liked the Japanese version better. Smiling Pasta was pretty good. Momo Love and Romantic Princess were just ok. And right now I'm working on It Started with a Kiss.

    But in general, I find that Korean dramas are really well produced and are higher quality, compared to other Asian dramas. The acting is usually amazing and the plot and storylines are so well planned out. And the comedies are (usually) laugh-out-loud funny. But some dramas get too intense, with the main lead crying all over the place.

    I feel like Taiwanese and especially Japanese dramas don't reach that level of intensity in the acting and actual drama. I wish I could like Japanese dramas more, but many are pretty bland and are kind of pointless. Even though I loved Hana Yori Dango.

    Sorry about this enormous rant. I like my dramas, heh...