Friday, September 17, 2010

Breakfast and other food! And other stuff! XD

This is the beautiful hotpot we had. That was sooooo good. If you've never had hotpot, you're kind of living a half life.

This was breakfast. I know I promised I do this every week, but everyday is pretty close to the day before. It got boring for me to take pictures. If would have for you too.
In Taiwan, salad and fish sticks for breakfast are totually normal. Just letting you know.
I don't even remeber eating this. Oh, wait yes I do. Sometimes food in Taiwan looks much better than what it tastes like.

Taiwanese people like to act like it's thanksgiving for every dinner. This was to feed about 8 people or something. But we hardly made a dent in the food. And there was much more than this. I took the picture before all the food was there.
Oh, another breakfast picture. I do like salad, but I only like it if there are tomatoes in it. In Taiwan, they mostly don't put tomato in salad. They just have greens. And dressing. Always with dressing already put in it. But lately my host family has had tomato in the salads. I think it's mainly because of me. But even if it is, I'm really happy there is tomato in it! I really miss cherry tomatoes here though.

Have a picture of Taipei 101. And my classmate from my highschool. Yes, a fellow exchange student. From france.

7/11 bread/cake. They LOVE spongebob here. Like more than American's do.
Have more.

I wasn't planning to do this, so I hope you enjoyed it. I felt really bad for not offering anything in a while. You've all been really great. Although, Sage seems to have gone missing. Sage!! I miss you!!


  1. I really really hope your learning how to cook all the stuff that you took pictures of. They look a lot better than instant ramen. I'm glad the food is finally taking an turn for the better than before. Although pigs head sounds really appetizing. I hope we get some for dinner tonight. I also love those Spongebob things. Can you read any of what it says on the front yet?? Chinese characters look much more confusing than Japanese kanji D:

  2. Mmmm, the food looks so good.!! Love how cutely packaged the spongebob stuff..
    I remember Phonesiry told me the same thing about the foods- they always cooked alot for every meal.

  3. @Zack I can't read anything unless it's in Japanese.

    If only I could have pigs head for the rest of my life. I'd be so happy.
    @mom There's always choices. I miss Phonesiry.

  4. Aren't you going to a culinary school? Are you learning how to cook, or is it just mainly focused on the language learning right now? When you do get to cook, are you going to cook mainly asian food or is it more worldly than that? That really sucks about the pre-dressed salad. I hate when it's like that too.

    Sorry for just a string of questions, but all those food pictures got me thinking.

    PS my grandpa makes pig's head soup. Don't hate, Zack.