Sunday, September 5, 2010

Haircuts in Taiwan! Waxing vs. shaving.

In America I usually pay over $60USD for each haircut and then have to tip. And usually the service is pretty poor. I have to wait a long time, I'm bored, I'm hot, I'm cold, etc. Also I always leave my stylist sometimes loving what she did and sometimes I'm pretty eh about it.

In Taiwan, the service is better. They had a TV to watch, they adjusted the AC for me, they offered me water. They were very nice. They weren't snobby like American hairstylists. They cut my hair better than it's been cut in years. Keep in mind, I like Asian style haircuts.


Also, no one tips in Taiwan. So if you get your haircut here, don't tip.

Also, as a quick note, no one waxes their legs here. They all shave or don't shave at at. It's weird. I thought, 'this is asia, I should be able to get waxed for cheap.' But it's really uncommon here. If you guys know where to get waxed for cheap in Taipei, please tell me. There are places, but they're all really far and they're expensive spa's.

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  1. that sounds so wonderful!! my haircutter decided that she wanted to cut my hair as short as possible since i just love it when i have no hair at all. i didn't even get water or any adjusted ac options D: