Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Be Happy

Things you put on the internet will blow up in your face time and time again. Don't try to hide it! Smile and keep going. The internet is here to stay and people have more and more info about your life. However sometimes people read things out of context because those things weren't meant for them to read. Please don't get hurt by anything you read online if it wasn't meant for you. CONTEXT is everything. At the same time, the ONLY thing you can do to save yourself from feeling guilty is to not be ashamed of anything you write. Anything I post on the internet I will stand by. It's how I really feel. If you can understand what I write is a whole other issue.

I am a nice person. Go by what you know, not what you think. Don't think too much.

This post is directed at my host mother misunderstanding something I wrote on facebook. This is the reason most American kids wont friend their parents. Too much snooping. The reason I'm friends with my mother is because she knows when it's okay to talk to me a facebook and when to stay out and respect my space.

Little Tip:
Don't have your host family on your social media until after you no longer live with them. It makes things more comfortable for everyone. 


  1. Yes, thank you Michelle. I look at it as an up close and personal glimpse into your social life, and as such I realize that it is your personal space to express yourself. I do take great care in trying to respect your privacy. :-)

  2. That's the problem with the reading things not directed at you; It's so easy to misinterpret. I hope your host mother can see through this misunderstanding and realize how much you do respect her.

    I love you Michelle

  3. i'm sorry this happened D: that must have been really awkward and weird when ur host mom said that, not to mention limited what you're allowed to put on the blog. i think it's a little much, but i guess with the language barrier you can't really explain as well as you would like the real point of mentioning them in ur blog.

  4. Hi Michelle: I really am enjoying your blog, mainly because you are so actively posting, so I am learning much about your experiences in Taiwan. Thanks!

  5. @Mr. Epifanio,
    I'm so excited you commented! Thanks for taking time to read this!
    Things are going a little better today. Let's see if things keep going well.
    I'm going to miss you even more when you go to Europe

  6. The misunderstanding thing was a HUGE issue in TW for me. Like, huge. Like, really really huge. Because, TW adults think that they're right about everything and it doesn't matter.

    I got in loads of trouble over fb. Be really careful. Logic and fairness are not things that those associated with rotary are familiar with.

    Example: a girl in my rotary club invited me for dinner. It was really really delicious and I had a lot of fun, so I said "yeah, I really like this style of eating. at home in the US, we only order for ourselves and don't usually share. Here, it's more communal and I really like that. The portions are smaller and the choice are plenty... blah blah blah."

    My host mom came up to me a couple days later and was like "You know what, you embarrassed me the other day! The ayi you ate with said that you said I never cook and you prefer her house!" I was soooo shocked. I tried so hard to explain to her I was talking about the difference between tw and the US, but she literally said "NO! You were talking about my house!" She wasn't even there.

    And my host sister reported stuff that I said to friends to my host club. My first family was horrible though (as generous as they were, my host mom and sis were terrible; i loved my host dad though).

    Just watch your back. They have all the power over you and whatever they say is what happened.

  7. I have SOO many stories like that. It's crazy. It's so cool that you found me. I'm really happy about it. You were here last year, so did you know Ben?