Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Rotary Meeting

So a couple days ago, I had my first rotary meeting. I left school and went to this really high class hotel.

First, I want to point out it was just me. I got there on my own. I took two MRT lines. And then walked to the place. I feel really proud. This trip I did without a hitch.

So Peggy couldn't come with me because she's this really important business person. So she asked a few of her english speaking rotary friends to look after me. Peggy is really one of the nicest people I've ever met.

I had to give a speech. It's funny. My Kai Ping Japanese teacher helped me write my Chinese speech. XD Leave it to me to find all the Japanese speaking people and build a relationship with them. XD I swear I don't plan it like that! Not really. But I feel really grateful to her. Her name is Jojakusen. She's Taiwanese. But she majored in Japanese. That name is her Japanese/english name. If you can't read it, you should have taken Japanese classes. XD

Anyway,  I was actually there early. So I sat alone for like ten minutes. It was a really fancy place. The ten minutes wasn't too bad. Then all these people started talking to me. But even when they spoke english it was hard for me to understand them sometimes. Also, everyone thought I could speak Chinese. One month is nothing. It's enough for me to learn bopomofo and how to introduce myself. Nothing more. Sorry, but give me another five months to speak chinese.

So a few nice people sat with me to save me from being alone. And then the meeting begun. I read my speech. I think I did okay because afterwards, everyone keep trying to talk Chinese to me. But I know I didn't do it perfectly.

Then the food started coming. It was REALLY good. Except for this one thing. But the other things were pretty much five star. I was in food heaven.

There was also fruit and this cake thing, but I forgot to take a picture

I do have pictures. But you have to wait a bit, sorry. (UPDATE: YOU GET IT TODAY!)

Afterwards, they invited me to go learn Chinese dancing with them, but I had to go to school. Also, they're all going to Japan soon! I really want to go with them. ;_; It would make me so happy to just see Japan for a week or two.

They gave me my 8,000 NT. Because they didn't give me money the month before. And I was on my way.

It wasn't bad. Parts of it were even really fun. Just a little was awkward, but that can't really be helped.


  1. I'm a bit envious of how well they seem to feed you there. Derek and I pretty much eat the cheapest options we have.

    Perhaps that chinese lady was right. Maybe I should keep an eye on how much you eat...

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  4. That food looks so classy o.O I'm surprised how much it looks like American/French fine cuisine. You must have been so disappointed they didn't put a pig's head in the middle of the table, since I know how happy you would have been. Zannen desu ne~ ;D

    Also that speech paper looks really cool. Is that bopomofo??? At first I thought it was Korean and I got really confused >O<. But then I thought how they probably would make you give a speech in Korean, just to make you extra extra happy.

    "I swear I don't plan it like that!" Lies. You should probably keep in contact with these Japanese people, thought, because when you do end up eventually going to Japan, it will be nice to already know some people. However, try not to have more Japanese friends than Taiwanese before you leave ;D