Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rotary Interview [The How To's]

Hi everyone! If you've been following my blog you know recently a reader I really like asked me for some help on his (Sorry! XD) rotary meeting. This is what he wrote:

"I have my rotary interview this Sunday at 1pm and i was wondering if you have tips for me?

What do they ask?
how should you act?
tell me everything about the rotary interview that you can please"

The purpose of this post is to tell what you can expect from your interview,  and what your interviewers want to hear.

Before I begin to give you any of that information, allow me to tell you what requirements there are for Rotary.

What you need to have, what you need to understand and agree to:
  • Grades: You don't need to be an amazing student. If you have a 3.0, you're golden. If not, they will look at other things. However, it goes without saying, Rotary cannot send students who have a bad track record. Going a abroad is a serious thing and if you're failing school, I doubt they would send you over. 
  • Age: Please note that if you are going abroad your gap year, you will be limited on which countries you can pick from. Most countries do not like taking older kids. If you are accepted, Rotary will give you a country selection sheet and the requirements of each country can be found there.  
  • Language: This is something that is different everywhere. I know some Rotary clubs will not send you to a country if you already speak the language. Their reasoning is they want you to learn something new. However, some countries, such as France, want you to come over speaking french already. If you are selected, it would be a great idea to ask your club what their take is on this issue. The countries that require some language ability can be found on your country selection sheet.
  • Language classes: If you want to go to a certain country, your club or the country itself, may require you to (pay for and) take a language class before you go. I didn't have to do this. I've heard of some clubs paying as well. Not all countries or clubs require this. But, it is for your own benefit. 
  • Countries: Rotary can only send you to Rotary approved countries. But it is also a club thing. Rotary as a whole this year, couldn't send people to Korea because Korea didn't have things in order. Rotary does send people to Japan, as a whole. BUT, some clubs didn't send students to Japan, or England, or whatever, for personal reasons.
  • Luck of the draw: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. How Rotary works, is that you pick 5 or countries you'd like to go to. They cannot promise you your first choice. You may get your 2nd, or your 5th, or you may get your 1st. Go into this program with a first choice, but with an attitude that you'll be happy anywhere. Do not put all your hopes into one country. If they feel you are doing this, they may not think this is the program for you, and they may not accept you.
Okay, so those are my only warnings. XD Everything is smooth sailing from here!

What to expect from your interview:
For my interview, I had already been talking to Rotary for weeks and weeks. I had a phone interview first as well. I felt pretty sure I was getting in, but also, nervous I wouldn't.
My interview was held at a nice hotel conference room. It had a warm and welcoming feeling to it and everyone was very nice. Also, an exchange student from a country that slips my mind was there.

You AND your family will be interviewed. Rotary wants your parents support. Rotary wants your parents to be able to let go of you. Rotary does not want pushy parents that will want to parent you when you are away. Rotary will take care of you. If your parents are too overbearing, Rotary will take note of that. Nothing is wrong with love. This is just a little heads up.

Rotary doesn't want you to go home early from whatever country you go to. They will ask you things like, 'if your father got injured, would you want to leave early?' When you go abroad, you need to be a fighter. Stay in your country. Rotary will bring you home if need be. But they really dislike it and it leads to a lot of problems. Of course, if anything health wise happens to you and you can't stay in your country, they will bring you home, no problem. Trust in Rotary.

If you go abroad, remember to be willing to try the food, learn the language, and respect the rules of the country. Show that you're willing in the interview.

Basically, act independent. Voice concerns. Speak for yourself; it's not your parents going abroad; it's you. Answer honestly. And be prepared to tell them why you want to go abroad and why you picked Rotary.

This isn't as organized as I would like it to be, however, I'm rushing through it. I may rewrite this later. I hope this will prepare you! Don't worry too much!

I wish everyone who's going through their Rotary interview the best of luck.

Questions? Ask in the comments. Has this helped you? Let me know in the comments! Disagree? Let me know!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bag of gifts, finished pins, feelings about leaving

Hi Everyone! 

I know I haven't updated in awhile. But I'm back!! My vacation was fun and a little sad because I know my time in America is coming to an end.

So let's get started!
Yesterday, as I was putting all of the gifts I'm bringing to Taiwan into a bag I felt like Santa Claus. I have this huge plastic bag and it's absolutely filled. I've realized it's going to need it's own suit case. I cant just fit it in with clothing like I was planning to. I added a few things since the last gift post. 

ONE NEW GIFT IDEA: Your high school's merchandise. I got a bunch of my school branded stuff. Pens, pencils, bags, mugs, etc. This gives the Taiwanese a taste of your home school. Plus, you might be able to get somethings for free with your school if you talk to the right person on the right day.   

To see what other gifts I packed click here.

Yesterday I also finished making my handmade pins!

I made red, white, and blue pins with silver backings. For more info about pins click here.

Overall, I'm really happy about the pins I made. What do you guys think? Comment below. 

It's really quick and easy to make this kind. Just break out the hot glue gun and you're done. I recommend it this method.  

Now I've got to talk about my feelings. Before I was very excited and just happy happy about it. But now, I'm still happy and excited, I'm just also nervous. 

I'm nervous about leaving all my friends behind. A couple of them are taking gap years as well. 
I'm nervous about meeting all the deadlines and having all the correct papers.
I'm nervous about having money when I go abroad. 
I'm nervous about starting in high school again, when I don't know anyone or the language.
I'm nervous about meeting my host family. Will they be nice, will they have time for me, will I feel welcome, etc, etc.
I'm nervous about not knowing the language.
I'm nervous about making friends.

Some of these things don't bother me as much as others. But I have a lot to do and not much time. Whenever I think I'm done with something, five more things pop up. 

I'll miss everyone who means something to me in America. I hope that they'll all follow my blog and still talk to me a bit. I know being an exchange student means letting go of America, but a little contact is more than healthy. 

Overall, my feelings are normal. I'll keep you updated. 

So please comment, and follow me. Look around at other posts. Your interest in my blog really helps me keep going with it. The people who I don't know in real life, it means a lot to me when you take time out of your life to talk to a girl you've never met. Those comments are very meaningful. 

And for the people in my life who comment, I know all of you are keepers. And I know we will never lose contact. And I'll miss you very much. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hey! If you have commented, emailed, or been waiting for me to respond to something:

I'm sorry! But I've been hugely busy. I'm leaving for my last grad party of the summer in a few hours and straight after that, I'm driving two hours to Boston in order to hop on a plane to my vacation. I'm going to North Carolina with my boyfriend!

I don't think I'll have internet, but even if I do, I wont have time.

Please hold on and wait for my return! I will come back and post new content and answer everyone. You've all been amazingly great. Two days ago I noticed how many comments I was getting and it blew my mind. Keep it up! Give me something to do when I come back!

So thank you, and have an amazing week!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Youtube account!


I am planning to do youtube videos! For awhile now, I've been doing some youtube practice videos, just to get used to getting to the point, and talking to a camera. This is a practice video. I wasn't really talking to youtube, or my viewers, it was just a practice. HOWEVER, I really like the way it came out. It really showed my excitement. And it's a great preview of what's to come. And it's a little bit of a jump start to my real youtube channel I will be working on when I'm in Taiwan. I have to buy a camera that gives better quality in order to start that up. My videos will be on the same channel, so comment, rate, and subscribe.   


And if you are here from my youtube link, please explore my blog. Interact with me!! Comment!! I promise to answer you!