Thursday, September 2, 2010

Night clubs, drinking, and TV News Stations. It happens.


But not to me. I'm kind of sad I missed it.I wasn't in Taiwan then.


  1. you can always take nightly excursions to the clubs with Isseikun. i'm sure he'd love to.

  2. Issei reminds me of Sousuke. From last friends. Have you seen it? Issei is pretty hot. And so serious. He's so the perfect seme. I don't think he likes anything. He's really smart though. He's good at everything.

    I want to befriend him. But I feel like if you're a girl and you want to only be friends with a seme, they're only thinking "Oh, well what use is she?"

  3. that's true. a straight male is usually never just "friends" with a straight female. and if he's seme that just make's it all the worse, cuz then the attraction goes both ways. good luck ;D

  4. Hahahha! I can't BELIEVE how much we have in common. I LOVE last friends and I love slashing people in RL. xDD Omg, if only we were on exchange together.

    You're very lucky to have this guy help you so much. I was unlucky in the classroom department (because I'm Puerto Rican and my skin is dark, I got treated badly). But, I do have some really great TW friends and really really great exchange friends, so I can't complain.

  5. Oh, btw, what do you mean by you weren't in tw then? There are plenty of night clubs in TP (Luxy, Roxy, Bailey, etc) plenty of bars (hello Dunhua and Ximen), and lots of news (I don't know if you heard about this, but a couple of our exchange students got on the national news... for some really dumb stuff).

    anyways, have fun!