Friday, September 3, 2010


I missed the bus twice in hopes of staying home. Okay, that's not fully true. I happened to miss the bus twice and then was happy and decided maybe I could stay home. No such luck. The buses keep coming. All day and night.

I was like an hour late to school. No one said a word. Except for "Hi Michelle!!!"

At least I made it.

Today at school I made my friendship with the only girl who speaks english really strong. We talked about boys, gays, and my lovelife. All the important topics.

Actually like ten people listened to me talk about my love life.

It was a fun day.

I swear hero takes me home a different way everyday to keep me needing him. No comment.

Today I got a number. But not a real one. It's just my class number. I'm 48. Lucky me.


  1. How about you call him his actual name instead of
    I'm jealous enough hearing about all the guys you meet without you referring to one of them as "hero"

  2. You should put a picture of hero on here. i'm sure all of us readers are dying to get a glimpse at what this hot seme asian looks like.

    by readers i mean me.

  3. Oh Zack what would we ever do without your witty humor?