Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finially, the post you've all been waiting for... MY CLASSMATES!

And, I'm even going to give you pictures. Yes, I am that good.

Let's start with someone I only have positive things to say about:

Ya Yuan! Aka Subsub? This is something I don't understand. She speaks really good english, I think she's the best in the school and she's lived in Taiwan all her life. She's speaks such good english, yet, her "english" name is so.. bizarre.

Anyway, Ya Yuan is really cute. Her english is great. She shares my love of yaoi, pairing up random guys in the class with other guys. We talk about our love lifes, life dreams, things we haven't done yet, and we make plans for the future. She's so sweet. She has never ending patience. I help her learn english. She's at that stage where you're over the hill and learning is fast. She also will tell me words in Chinese if I ask. And reminds me of everyone's name, when she knows it. She's also forgetful like me though! XD But it's okay because we have each other. I invited her to my house on thrusday to teach me a chinese card game (it's part of a bigger plan we have) and to play kareoke. Then she invited me to go shopping at this place that's having a huge sale. It's like health food store. I think it'll be fun. Even if I don't buy anything.

Next, Hero. OR, I've decided to change his name because my boyfriend decided to tell me to. So now he's bus boy. Ming Chweng is his Chinese name. I'm not really sure. But when I say it, I say it correctly. 

I hope you guys weren't expecting some really hot guy to take me home everyday. He's just a normal 15 year old Taiwanese boy. Actually, he's a little bit more like the 12 old year Taiwanese boys. But he knows how to be nice and how to take charge. 

Things are getting a little werid though. I don't really understand anything he says and he doesn't understand anything I say. So I just don't talk to him. But he talks and talks and when I don't understand he draws pictures of us and hearts and tells me I'm beautiful... I think he's confused. He's always trying to teach me Chinese, but he tries to teach me things that are just way to advanced for me right now.

 Want to see someone pretty? Okay. Isseikun! I don't know his Chinese name. Ya Yuan and I call him "water" as a secret name.

He never smiles. Mostly he sleeps, sighs, looks bored, and shows disinterest at everything. I love his hair. This picture is from my first day of school.

Happy and gay moment. You're Welcome.

I know you wanted more.

Because the last one wasn't enough.

So, David told me I'm not allowed to talk to him. I'd just like to share that. So let me tell you about him. He's half Japanese and half Taiwanese. His mother is Japanese. He speaks Japanese, he pretends he can't speak english, but when I looked at his english test, he got everything correct. Of course he speaks perfect Chinese. He's all around perfect, huh.

But he has a lack of interest in school, and in life. That's why he's at Kai Ping, because he got low test scores because he slept through the test. He has a large ego. And such a lack of interest in things or people. But I caught him reading this girls novel thing, he seemed to be really into it. I asked him in Japanese if it was a girly book and he said it kind of was. I asked him if he liked it and he grunted. He hardly talks to people. I get really mad when he talks to people actually. If you wont talk to me, and I speak two out of the three languages you speak, then why speak to them?! I think that's enough. Oh, and he's in Anime Club. Oh, and his favorite color is... black. mochiron!! Suits him.

So my first day of class in Taiwan is kid came up to me and started talking in English. I first I was happy, but then I found out he wasn't all there. He drew me this:

 James! Chinese name: Who knows!

He's like a ghetto Taiwanese kid. Or, he want to be. He lived in Canada when he was five. His english is okay. Not as good as Ya Yuan. Not at all. He's maybe the second or third best in the class. I've never heard Isseikun speak english, so I don't know. He's okay. He thinks he's hot stuff. He's nice enough. I really don't mind him.

Want to have a pretty break? Okay! Here is some boy. I don't know his name, but he's in my class. I think him and Issei are good for yaoi.

This isn't a good picture. But he's pretty. He doesn't speak english but he's nice when he's alone.

And now for a girl. I think her English name is Mary. I don't really know. Which is really bad because she sits right next to me and helps me with everything. She's so nice.

Now for the boy who is right in front of me! His name... No idea... Sorry! I'm working on it!

He's nice. He speaks more english then he would let on. The problem is that he says it so quietly I can't hear him and when I say "what?" he gives up on speaking english.

People wearing weed shirts, and hats to school. The teachers do it too!

Here is a picture of me. It doesn't happen very often. It's a bad picture too.

Here is a picture of a boy Subsub and I have named "pink." He often wears pink. She enjoys him.

We(-)are leadels of old skool

Here is a picture of Issei sleeping. Sleeping in class is VERY common here. Everyone does it. Isseikun does it a lot.

Here is school lunch for 100NT. So three USD.

Comes with soup and a drink.

It was REALLY good. But now the exchange students and I leave for lunch.

I would like to post these two really nice girls now:

Today I went to McD's and the price of what I bought was 105NT. But the guy gave it to me for 79NT. The other exchange boy and girl got charged full price. -Smirk-


  1. "But he knows how to be nice and how to take charge." I smiled a lot at this. I'm so surprised a 12 year old-ish child is able to meet your standards of taking charge ;D

    And it sounds like you should bring Yu Yuan home with you so that I can meet her and we can all talk about yaoi. It will be wonderful.

    Speaking of yaoi, you better have some good Isseikun stories when you come back, cuz he looks like the perfect seme. if he and the guy in the last picture are/ever become friends it will be the best pairing ever. and at least the guy who drew you that picture knew that you loved germans :D :D

  2. @Sage
    "so many restrictions lol :D"
    Rotary or my boyfriend? I thought you meant rotary, he thinks you mean him.

    He's a nice guy. But a little restrictive. But I like it that way. So it's okay. XD

  3. Michelle this was a cute and funny post. I enjoyed "meeting" all your main acquaintances in Taiwan.

  4. Sage

    I won't deny being restrictive, but keep in mind I always have Michelle's best interests in mind. When I am controlling it is with good reason. Being a jealous boyfriend is often a part of that reason, but rarely is it the full story.

    I want to keep Michelle happy and safe, so sometimes I step in and change things that aren't going to work out. I love Michelle very very much.

  5. Seems like you got into a super awesome school there! Lol, yaoi. But you're right. Taiwanese girls are crazy with that stuff. Ugh...

  6. @Sage,
    Sorry my bf wrote you a book. XD
    I love you.
    I really got lucky with this school. Ah, yaoi.