Thursday, September 2, 2010

This is MY blog. It doesn't just have to be about Taiwan.

Hello Everyone!

Today I was planning to make another video for you with this twist bottle thing. But when I got home I was really tired so I took a shower in place of that. I will do it soon.

In other news I want to talk about a topic that's bothering me. My exboyfriend. I read his blog. He probably reads this. I even read his twitter.

Why do I do that?

The reason is simple. He writes about me almost every week.

But it's really getting me down. He doesn't write nice things. It makes me wonder where he and where we went wrong.

Don't misunderstand, I'm perfectly happy with David.

It's just never fun to know someone you trusted is writing horrible things about you so often even after not talking to them for over 7 months.

I'm not ashamed for reading his blog. Why should I be? It concerns me.

But I feel like I shouldn't read it. I know he's probably just baiting me so that someone reads his blog.

Right now, I have no one to really talk to about personal things. Well, in Taiwan I don't. That's because I've been here for only a week or two. Also my American friends are all asleep or at work.

So readers, what do you think of personal blogs?


  1. Hey, im sad to hear that :((( you stil have all of us followers :), and i also dont mind a personal blg, i hope this wont bother you to much so you will be able to fully enjoy yourselve :D :D

  2. I like these. not the topic persay, but the posts themselves are nice. it feels like actually talking to you.

    it's kind of sad how much effort he's putting in just to make you feel like crap. if he really feels the need to say awful things about you on his blog than it's probably because his under-developed brain can't cope with the fact that he no longer has a girlfriend and is trying to pretend seme and non-caring. its pathetic.

    i would say don't read it, but you probably are going to anyways, so i'll just suggest that you try not to take everything to heart. soon enough he'll start running out of insults and it will become obvious that he's just doing this because of his own loss.

    just think about x's and y's in pits with their mothers before bed every night. that always cheers me up.

  3. @Sage, It's not really too big of a deal. I usually forget about it but when it does come to mind it's a bit of a downer, you know.

    @Zacky, I like personal blogs, but it depends on who is writing them. I know sometimes they can really really suck, so if you guys had said so, I would have stopped. I'm happy mine fall into the not-so-bad.

    He puts tons of effort into his image. And into hating me.

    I only read it like once or a week or every two weeks.

    "just think about x's and y's in pits with their mothers before bed every night. that always cheers me up. "

    This made me smile. I told my classmate female firend about you today. She loves you and wants to see a picture. I miss you.

    You should start a blog. Fill it with your thoughts. Your thoughts are always so funny and similar to mine. I would read it everyday.

  4. what am i supposed to write a blog about? "oh today took lots of coffee and did tons of Japanese work. today was so exciting!!" it would only make sense to you ;D