Saturday, September 11, 2010

McDonalds in Taiwan!

I actually went here a long time ago but I've just gotten around to posting this now.

My Rotary counselor took me to me to McDonalds after we did something. I forget what.

She told me to try this 'Taiwan only' burger. No, you cannot try it. It's only in Taiwan. Honestly I don't know why you'd want to try it. It's really gross to me. It has the Taiwan flavor, but it's just not done well. Don't get it.

The fries are good here, and the chicken stuff, and the beef burgers.

Salad is good too.

Most of this food wasn't mine. But I have tried most of it by this point.

No dollar menu!!!

I hope you like this post. It's not really so great. Questions!?


  1. I'm really glad you are stepping out of your comfort zone and eating such authentic Taiwanese food such as McDonalds. Not only must it have been healthy and nutritious, but a very cultural experience as well. I wish America had such interesting places to eat like that.

  2. @Zack,
    You know me. Always going for what's healthy and true~!

    America could NEVER have a place like this.

  3. There's no dollar menu???? o.o

    Too lazy to make an accnt

    --Tyler :)

  4. @Tyler,
    You don't need to make an account just for this! I'm so happy you wrote here! I didn't know you read my blog! There's no dollar menu, but to be far, a dollar is 33NT here. 33NT meunu doesn't sound as nice. And it's still cheap

  5. My Rotary counselor took me to me to McDonalds after we did something. I forget what."


    I know the Taiwanese are brilliant and all but they couldn't hope to compete with Macdonald's in the burger market. They're burger isn't authentic Macdonald's; it could never match the reall thing. And if you are going to try to match Macdonald's I wouldn't reccomend the flavor of a city so polluted that ciggarettes are scentless.