Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today I woke up really tired. Then a bug crawled on my arm, and I kind of freaked out. Not my favorite way of waking up. This is the first time that's ever happened.

So I grudgingly got ready... And then... I went to the breakfast table and there it was... This giant hot dog. It was covered in relish and mustard was on the table.  The bread wasn't sweet! I like Taiwanese bread. Actually, I love Taiwanese bread. But I get tired of sandwiches tasting like dessert all the time. So the bread was perfect, it was pretty perfect. At first I was shocked, to see a giant hot dog in Taiwan is shocking enough. But to see it being served at 7:00 am for breakfast... Some may be really put off by having a hot dog for breakfast. But it was a pretty win moment for me. I do have a picture, but you have to wait because I'm just at a library right now. I can't upload pictures here.


I was pretty excited. I ate half for breakfast and half five minutes ago.

This post really tells you how much I miss American food. But to be honest, I think the Taiwanese food is just as good as my American food.

Are you happy?! I've been getting back to posting!


  1. Michelle I especially got a kick out of this post. It definitely made me laugh! I can understand how you would have been delighted to wake up and find a hot dog with the fixings waiting for you on the table. Did it taste authentic? I'm glad you had the chance to taste something familiar. Great post really!

  2. It tasted 100% authentic. Which is a big deal. One day I bought a hotdog. It was horrible. But this was good.