Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taiwanese buses!

Be warned, I don't know very much about buses. In Taiwan or in America. In America I've only taken the school bus, and coach buses, and maybe one or two public buses my whole life. We don't even have buses in my town in America. Well, like public ones. But this is what I can tell you about Taiwanese buses.

They are decorated! I'm not sure if all are, but every bus I've been on in Taiwan- and I've been on A LOT- has been decorated.

Here's what I mean, this was todays bus from school to home:

Buses are pretty comfortable here.

Pros of buses (in Taipei, Taiwan):
-Cheaper than MRT (train/subway thingy)
-Direct travel to a lot of places. So if I were to take the MRT to school, I would have to walk more or take another bus. There are more bus stop than MRT stations. So the bus can usually take you closer to where you need to go.
-Usually it's easy to get a seat than MRT

Cons of Buses (in Taipei, Taiwan):
-MRT is faster because there are less stops and just because the MRT moves faster
-Buses jerk around a lot. MRT does too. But Taxi is so much easier then bus. The problem with taix is that it costs too much. It's WAY cheaper than America, but much more expensive than bus or MRT.
-You have to wait sometimes ten minutes. MRT wait time is like 4 minutes tops. But if you know when to go to your bus stop you wont have to wait at all.


  1. y can't our buses have such pretty shades on them D: it looks like the perfect fairy princess bus just for you. i'm suprised anyone else is even allowed on besides you. you should change that. the rocking sounds kind of nice too. i would fall asleep so easily on that ToT

  2. @Zack,
    Because we're too cheap in America. It's pretty fun when you're sitting. When you're trying to get to your seat the jerking is really bad. At least for me.