Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How do you say kanji in chinese?!?! If you know, tell me!

So I've been practicing languages sooo much lately. I'm on a roll with Chinese and Japanese. My Japanese is getting really good.

This is a picture of this book I bought for writing Chinese kanji.

I wrote each character an average of 50 times. Sigh. Good times.

I'm going to add something to this post. I mainly did this post to show off my notebook. I always wanted one of these in America.

So today, this boy I'm friends with (Taiwanese) wrote 'good girl' on my hand. He was happy with me. Those of you who know me will find this really funny. I felt so happy.

He didn't want to be in the picture. I don't know why. Usually he loves pictures.

I'm going to add something else in. Maybe the Isseikun fans are sad I never talk about him anymore. So today I asked him (In Japanese) if I could take another picture of him. Then he fell asleep, so I took many pictures of him. Straight guys always look better when they're not awake... It was cute.

Issei is always sleeping. I think he misses me talking to him. But his ego was getting too high before. It's cute when he looks at me questioningly. He even clapped for me today when I went up in front of the class. But the main reason I stopped talking to him was because he never takes interest in me. It's a nice change.


  1. Your friends look nice - but as a straight male, I must say that I do not look better when asleep. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31600487&fbid=1555710691361&op=9&o=global&view=global&subj=524561347&id=1193027316

  2. As a person who has seen you sleep... You also look better asleep.

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  3. I really want that character book D: It looks so pretty!! Is it really hard memorizing all of them? I really wanted to take Chinese, although I feel as if as long as I lived in America, it would be a waste to learn since I would forget the characters almost instantaneously after learning them ToT. Although with you learning both Japanese AND Chinese at the same time your Kanji count has probably gone up a fair amount, ne??

    And who was that boy that wrote "good girl" on your hand?? You should give him a gold star. He made me very happy. And I'm glad you're making Isseikun beg for your love back. It's very Taiwanese Drama of you.

  4. I'm going to buy you some and give them to you when I return.

    It's really annoying. Sometimes I know something in Japanese and not in Chinese, or the other way arround. What gets me really mad is when I know both, but I think of Japanese first and I have to stop and slow down and remember not everyone speaks Japanese and I can't just mix the languages. People who can't speak Japanese, Chinese, and english just shouldn't live.