Thursday, February 10, 2011

Working hard in Kaiping

Look at this! I'm so Asian. I'm the only one doing anything in class though. Everyone else is looking at porn on their computers and playing racing video games. And if it's a REALLY lucky day, someone will send me the porn link they are looking at. True story. Everyday. : D

I am such a good exchange student.

Doesn't matter what country I'm in, I can still do these kinds of things to people. He's helping me with my homework quite unwillingly as I place cards on him and he stays still so they wont fall. XD He likes it. I promise. Ah Mickey.

This is my life here.

Oh, looky here, yet another class I go to, yoga class.

It's not really yoga though. The 22~24 year old teacher burns incense while ringing a bell and we do light stretching for ten minutes, then she turns off the lights and we sleep for 30 minutes. It's really nice. Just not yoga. But it's really cold in that room.

Which reminds me. Taiwan has no heat in schools or homes. Bring warm clothing for winter. 

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