Friday, February 11, 2011

Chinese New Years! (Part two) Christmas Tree and Vacation

So, does Taiwan have their version of a Christmas tree? Yes!

My host mother took me to the Taipei Flower Market and she told me that usually every family will get at least one huge flower plant and that they decorate these plants with Chinese ornaments. It's very much like the Christmas  tree. It's really beautiful.

Taipei Hua Xi
Taipei Flower Market

There were lots of people.

Really beautiful flowers everywhere. 

Even though Taiwan doesn't have a Christmas vacation, they have a three week Chinese New Year Vacation which, as I write, I am still on. All of the posts I am writing about Chinese New Years took place during a time period when I did not have school. It's roughly the 20th of January to the 15th of February. 

So we spent the whole day out. 

They individually wrap a lot of their flowers. I've never seen that before.
They paint some of the flowers with gold or glitter paint. Which looks so so nice. I love it. 
It was like flower heaven. 
This one I loved

A lot of red and gold because those are the lucky colors. 

I love the painted ones. 

A lot of people in a small place and a lot of flowers. Such is Taipei. It's such an exciting place to be.

I saw so many types of flowers I had never seen before. 

It's year of the bunny so they had tons of ornaments and bunny decorations. 

I was tempted to buy everything. I really want to, one year, style my Christmas tree Chinese style. It would be so beautiful.

A radish. Painted. Pre-decorated. 

I LOVED the flower market. If you have a chance to go around new year time, you should do it. I don't know how great it is other times of the year. 

I really am so thankful to my host mother for her taking me here. She didn't even buy anything, she went just to show me. And I really enjoyed it. 

Anyway, our day wasn't over. I had told her I wanted to buy some stuff and she had told me she knew a cheap place. Also, we had lunch in this Taiwanese market place and I ended up buying a shirt and a dress. 
This is the menu of the place. Want to know why it's so hard for exchange students to eat in Taiwanese stores? No pictures at all. Sure I can read some things. But not all. And I know how to order. But anyway, this was a really good noddle place. My Gosh.

Noodles, tofu, Ousters

Noodles, meat rice.

XD My host mother is really good at editing and so she edited these so they look fake and perfect. 

Some after lunch shopping. I didn't buy that shirt.

Good day. I would post pictures of what I bought but... It would take too much time. 

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