Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tour of Kaiping!

When I was in America trying to find out anything I could about this school, I noticed their were no pictures of the actual school. So, enjoy. The school is like a prison though. There is a gate around the whole thing with only two ways to get out. And each is locked with a security guard there to make sure students don't leave. Were are locked in. Really annoying and weird.

Really bad picture, but there aren't really lights so, don't blame me.

I look retarded. But that's what being in a dark place for eight hours does to your mind.

The floor levels aren't even and there are random stairs everywhere.

Exposed piping is everywhere.

Outside is nicer.

Because outside is where the paying customers are.

First and last time in this class. Can you read the board?

Marielle  took this picture. Someone died?

The restaurant is also nice. Again, because people pay to be there.

If you are going to this school next year. I feel I've given you all the pictures you need.

If you are not going to this school, your school in Taiwan probably wont be as ghetto as mine. Because mine is a cooking school, the kids who go there are known as people that aren't so smart and kind of trouble makers. And even though this school charges so much money from the students, all of it goes to the chefs so the school doesn't have money to get itself fixed up. The chefs are famous, but I think it's a pretty sweet job they have. Seriously.

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