Thursday, February 10, 2011

Socializing with my Kaiping classmates and Taiwanese people! At the Taipei Zoo!

The girl in the middle of the first picture is in Marielle's class and she speaks english and is really nice. The girl in the left of this picture is in my class and so so nice. She doesn't speak very much english though.

The zoo is a really nice young couples place since it's cheap and beautiful. And fun. Although the food isn't very cheap.

Favorite animal at the zoo.

They had a lot of HUGE animals at this zoo. I was really shocked. Taipei has a really really nice zoo. You should go.

Fun day, we had ice cream at the department stores later.


  1. That's really cool that they have giraffes at the zoo. I love giraffes, but never get to see them at any local zoos here in CT.

  2. @ It was a really nice zoo. Taiwan is such a small place but their zoo had everything you could want.