Friday, February 11, 2011

Chinese New Years! (Part three) 台中!Taichung!

So I did I a lot calligraphy during Chinese New Year Vacation. It was cool because my host grandfather came and practiced with me.  I will put more pictures up for this later.

Anyway, this character: Fu meaning fortune. Was my calligraphy goal. Because around this time of year, people hang this upside down on their doors to invite fortune into their homes. I want to give it to my host family.

These are my brushes. 

The next day we went to a Thai restaurant. I asked my host mother why we were eating Thai food on Chinese New Years and she said it was because we eat Chinese food all year and today is a special day. XD

But it was cool because I had never eaten Thai food before. 

It's a famous restaurant.

ANYWAY, that same day we went to a temple. Those of you who have talked to me off the computer will know, I LOVE going to temples. 

I told my host father I had never burned paper money and wanted to try. He seemed really happy that I took interest. He's very knowledgeable about Buddhism. So we donated some money, took some paper money and took some incense. We went around the temple praying at every alter and then I asked a question to the gods, and then I burned paper money. I love doing stuff like this. It's so cool. And it makes me feel so peaceful. 

You burn paper money for your relatives that are no longer with you. So that they will have money and be able to be happy where they are. And you burn money to thank the gods you prayed to. 

It just such a beautiful, healthy place to spend time at. 

You burn the money in here

This is the paper money

To light the incense.

I turned it on for you!

I love this picture.

People give food to their departed relatives and the gods.


My host father found these things on a table and gave them to me. More about that later. 


  1. Wow, what a beautiful temple! I think it was really outstanding of you to share in their customs by taking part in the rituals conducted at the temple. You really seem to be participating in many of their activies and you seem sincerely interested to learn about them. Your very enthusiastic! I'm happy your enjoying yourself there. I'm proud of your involvement and dedication to learning the culture. Your doing a great job Michelle! :)

  2. I love this temple. Thank you. I spent like an hour just trying to take pictures so I could share it well.

  3. Why is it that Taiwanese temples look really cool, while american churches are so plain?

    I mean this place has nice architecture and powerful colours. It looks like a place that someone but a lot of thought into designing; somewhere of importance. American churches are dull white pasty buildings whose only differentiating feature is a spire that is rebuilt every time a neighboring church renovates their's.

    I've seen a lot of churches around Europe too, but this one even kicks the ass of Gothic cathedrals.