Thursday, February 10, 2011

kaiping My Taiwanese host school

Recently my school has been lying about me and a lot of people have been doubting in in regards to what I do at school. It's annoying. This post will double as some interesting material for my readers to look through. Let me know what you think. : D

Want to see some proof of class participation?

This is what we start out with when we go to Chinese cooking class.
Most groups have three people, might has four, as I'm the extra. But look at this stuff! It's so cool.

I've learned to gut fish, shell shrimp, scale fish, and cook crab. It's really useful.

Nothing much to say.

Marielle (the french exchange student with me in Kaiping) cutting. Notice how I have many pictures of her, but none of me? She doesn't take pictures of me. Pfft.

Ah, I love her. That is Tofu, by the way.

We cut everything.

Look at this egg.

We boiled it and cut it in half. Look at it!

Didn't really do too much for this, although it looks nice.

They use way too much oil all the time. Marielle and I try to sneak some of it out all the time though. XD

Bad quality pictures, but our school is always really dark. When I go outside after eight hours in school, the light is blinding and I can't see for a few minutes. Even on cloudy days.

Cooking class is fun. But most of the class is the teacher yapping on and on in chinese and us standing on our feet for eight hours. It sucks. We have to wear these ill fitting bad quality uniforms that itch. And since they have no changing rooms, students, boys and girls, all get changed in the classroom together. Yes. They strip in the classroom. Which, might not be a big deal if Marielle and I weren't foreign and if we weren't females. Everyone in the room watches us very intently and makes comments. Its very annoying. The boys are dogs.

Despite all the trouble I go through to do this class, which, I didn't even talk about most of the problems, it's amusing and interesting, and I learn new things. Sometimes.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed with the fact that you know how to descale and gut fish and shell shrimp! That's a great and useful skill.

  2. I think it will be a be money saver. It's not too hard. I could teach you, but it's a little scary to gut a fish. Maybe you don't want to know. XD

  3. Hello Michelle! I know this particular blog was posted 2 years ago, but I have just stumbled to it from my search about Kaiping. My dream is to go to Taiwan and learn how to cook!! Unfortunately for me I live in the United States, but I'm trying to gather as much information as I can. I would love some help. I hope this message gets to you. Thanks!