Friday, February 11, 2011

Chinese New Years (part four) Trip to TaiChung

I went on a trip to Taichung with my host family.

On the way their my host mother bought this lunch for me. It's so perfectly Taiwanese.

This was my favorite. Fried Chicken, egg, ham, cheese, Taiwanese mayo, small bean sprouts. Soooo good.
"zha ji zan min zhi"

Milk tea.
"nai cha"

Scallion pancake wrapped around egg.
"Dan bing"

Three hour car drive.

We went to their friend's house. Their house was really beautiful and they kept giving me food. I really felt welcomed. At one point, I decided I wanted to get my camera from the car. My host mother also wanted to get hers. We are rather joint by our love of taking pictures. But we got really distracted by their neighbor's yard. You see, they had a garden and looked just so picture perfect Taiwanese. So even though we said we'd only be gone for a minute, we ended up disappearing for over an hour. XD My host mother is so funny like that. I really enjoyed it. So we went into the neighbor's yard and took a bunch of pictures. And then the person who lived there came and my host mother befriended her and we took pictures sitting on their bench. Which was beautiful. After that we went on a walk and found more picture perfect spots.  

Christmas Tree like flower pot. 
This was the friend's house.

Taichung isn't city, it's the countryside.

The first time I ever saw things growing other than tomatoes and corn. 


I love this. It's so hard to believe it's a real place.



A Taipei girl in the country. 

Again, the family's home. So beautiful.

It seems like every Taiwanese family has one of these super cool tea sets. When I get married it's also my goal to have.  

After talking and eating lunch with the family, we went with the daughters to their University, which is so beautiful, married couples take pictures there. 

BUT, I cannot upload photos because the wifi isn't working on my phone lately, for some weird reason. So please wait until I find I way to solve the problem.


  1. What a cute lunch. What type of sandwich was that? It looked appetizing. What nice pictures. Tha was a cabbage plant right? That was very nice and kind f your host parents to take you on that trip.

  2. I havent finished this post. So that's why there are no words.

    The sandwich has egg, pork, ham, Taiwanese sauce, and small bean sprouts.

  3. Every time I look at your blog I get so hungry...
    I can't wait for you to come home and start cooking for me again.

    I love you Michiru