Thursday, February 10, 2011

Christmas Abroad

This is a little warning so you will not be so shocked. Taiwanese people don't celebrate Christmas. At all. Don't expect gifts or even anyone to say "Merry Christmas" and expect to go to school.

I didn't go to school though. Pfft. Like I would ever. XD Sorry but, come on, it's Christmas.

So, in order to create a Christmas for myself, I wrapped gifts I had brought from America for my host family. Wrapping paper cost money so I used newspaper and made EVERYTHING myself. It took hours. But I felt very pleased with myself. I didn't tell my host family what I was doing until the day of christmas and I gave them a shower of gifts.

They really enjoyed it and it helped make me feel Christmas was still happening. It was really nice.

Picture of me around the Christmas time:

Gifts I wrapped:

It really brought my host family and I closer together. I recommend this if you're in a country where your host family has no clue what Christmas is and you feel like something is really missing from your life by ignoring the day.

So I missed American food so much that I started playing Restaurant Story nonstop all the time.

 I even got my boyfriend into the game. We left tips in each others restaurants.

I recommend you find a way to cope as well. XD

My birthday is the 28th so my host family got me a pizza! They know I love Taiwanese pizza!

Isn't it cute?

My host parents also gave me this. Princess wand for me.

They also gave this.
A matching bracelet for health with for my boyfriend and me. And a wallet.

They gave me this card.

They also gave me a cake. It was a Christmas cake. Really beautiful.

Shortly after my birthday was my host mother's birthday and my host father made her "Golden Noodles" which is a special birthday dish. It tastes really good.

Chao huang mian

I'm just going to throw this picture in. My host father does most of the cooking and he cooks this really good fish very often.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year if it's that time when you read this!

My mother sent me this.

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  1. The food your host dad makes looks really good. "Golden Noodles" sounds really good and so appetizing. I'm glad your host family made your Birthday special for you. The cake looks really good.