Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's coming!

Hi Everyone!

I'm going to let you know what's coming up on my blog and give you a small update. AND if I have enough time/energy, I will do a "real" post too. But that's an "if." Okay?!

I do not have my own computer. I have to buy one. But I do not have enough money right now. As a result, I can only go on the use computer when it's free. Which is only at 6am-10am. Those hours suck. But here I am at 8:27 am devoting myself to serving you! And in Taiwan everyone is awake past 1 am at night. I'm thinking about starting a paypal account so people can donate to me. I am a student. And I am not allowed to work in this country. Also, my parents are "low on funds". Right now I am having to pay for a lot of things. Please comment if you would be interested in donating money to me through paypal and I will sign up for an account. If you have questions, please ask. I would really be grateful and as an expression of my thanks perhaps I could send you a Taiwanese gift or write a post that you request.

Moving on!
I will be writing:
-Plane tips and my experience (done)
-Room tour (done)
-House tour (done)
-Host family (done)
-I have been taking pictures of breakfast every morning, so at the end of every week, I will post that
-First Taiwanese meal
-Trying Hotpot (done)
-Going to bookclub
-Taiwanese tomato culture
-And something I would like to call "strange things"
-Sage, one of my readers, has asked me to write about culture shock. However I want to wait until I have been here two weeks or so. Before writing anything that could be negative, I have to make sure it's how I really feel. There are a lot of factors. I will go into this more at a different time. BUT, it is coming!
-Language tips for those coming to Taiwan

After seeing how long this list is, I think I will start with a "real post!"

Please comment. If you would like to see a picture of something or read a post on something I didn't list, please let me know~!

Also, if you want a Taiwanese product, don't be afraid to ask me! Maybe we can help each other! ~Just an idea.


  1. Hi Michelle!
    I love you. I really am enjoying your blog. Thanks for updating it. You have us in suspense though... You'll post breakfast pics weekly... I'm really interested in their tomato culture. I can't wait to hear about your first meal and please do explain what exactly hotpot is.

    I'm really curious about your surroundings and can't wait to see pics. :)
    I love you.

    <3 Mom

  2. wait doesn't rotary pay for all of those types of expenses once you're in taiwan??? i thought they covered that. maybe I was wrong?

  3. @Zack Rotary pays for a lot, but not everything.