Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Room Tour!!

This one I did a video of. I hope you enjoy it, I hope you go to my youtube, because I wrote more about it there.

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I know you're all waiting for that one thing you want to know. Please wait a bit longer. I'm working on it.

It seems like central air doesn't exist in houses in Asia. Every room has the air systems. Which I really like actually. They all have remote controls and are very fast at cooling. They're pretty much a dream come true in cooling. Why don't we have them in USA? I feel like I would like to import them if I had a house... and money... and was 15 years older... Because they're so efficient. I think when I go back to USA, there are a lot of things I wont be able to live without. So I think I will have to come back to Taiwan often.

I went on a tangent. But that's because the video is loading on Youtube. So, I have nothing to do while it loads.

Keep telling me what kinds of posts you want. And if you are a new viewer, say hi! I want to say hi to you back!

Well it's taking a year for this video to process so I'm going to edit the video into this later.



  1. 'Fun' fact: I uploaded this video three times. It took over four hours to get it here.
    I hope you rate it high. o_o

  2. Your room looks pretty comfy.
    Thanks for the tour!
    I love you

  3. your room looks a lot like a dorm, except MUCH much cuter with lots of stuffed animals to snuggle with at night. i wish i could have that many stuffed animals, although i think i would scare away my roommate D:

    i'm suprised you're so into the air conditioning over there. i thought you liked the warm so much that all you would want was your heated blanket, but it all seems so japanese. i keep forgetting that the chinese are pretty advanced as well. you should talk about taiwanese technology compared to american once you get more used to it. i would be interested in learning about it.

    ALSO if you ever have the chance, you should get the family together to take a group video!! it would be really nice to see in motion who your family is. but don't rush to do it. i'd much rather see your face in a video ;D


  4. @David Thanks!

    @Zack I have a video of the family!! And I did a house tour with me in it. I still have to post it. My 12 year old sister and I both want the computer all the time so it's hard.
    So far I think it's mixed. Chinese technology is sometimes much better than American technology, and sometimes American is better. Mostly Chinese is better though. I'll do a post about this later in the year. But I'm not really good in that area, so it wont be a very long post.

  5. Maybe I should come by to help you with the technology post :)

  6. Hi Michelle. :)

    My name is Josette and I was an rotary exchange student last year. It's really great that you're recording so much. I didn't. And i wish I did cause a lot of my pics and vids got deleted (which i was relying on to remember stuff).

    Anyways, hope you're having a good time! :)