Thursday, August 26, 2010

Host family and hotpot!

Ni hao everyone!

What is hotpot? Who are these people?!?! >.< Click on the video and it will take you to my youtube video and under my video is a note from me telling you all that.


  1. Hi Michelle,
    I finally set up an account so I can follow you!

    I liked this video I wish it was a bit longer and the foods were named/described, but you have plenty of time to enlighten us on foods in Taiwan. Mmmmm. this video made me so hungry. It looks like you had a nice get together there. :-)

  2. Looks tasty!
    But I bet it's not as good as our hibachi date!

    I love you Michelle.

    And who is this imposter? Does he think that stealing my name means he can steal my girl?

    I'm watching you David. I'm watching you.

  3. @mom It was SOOOOOO good. You would LOVE it.

    @David Sorry David, but this was better.

    And we've talked about this. Don't joke unless you know someone well. But you're so funny.

  4. omg the curry-flavored portion sounds so good. if only america was as cool as they are and had restaurants like this ToT but alas we are not so lucky here in the united states. however, it did look like a LOT of food, so maybe they are taking after the US a little bit ;P

    also, who at that table speaks english? david and demi it seems can speak/understand it at least a little, but what about your mom/demi's friend?? do you speak to them in chinese or english??

  5. @Zack you would LOVE the curry one. LOVE. Taiwanese ALWAYS have SO much food.

    My host mother and Demi and David. David speaks the most, then my host mom, then Demi.

  6. I speak to most people in Japanese or English. But I just started Chinese class.