Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stuff I bought or stuff which was bought for me!

Another video!
Do you guys like videos or writing better?



  1. Hey, I found your blog through a google search, LOL. I was an exchange student in Taiwan last year myself; just got back around one and a half months ago. It's great to see you blogging a lot (most exchange students wrote one extremely long entry on day one and never again).

    Taipei is a glorious city. I would advise to make the best of everything even if something doesn't sound like fun. I loved Taiwan, and I'm sure you will too!

    Feel free to contact me anytime if you wish!

    By the way... あなたの日本語は、問題なく伝わっていますよ!

  2. I love how you're wearing my shirt in these videos XD.

    JL I'm sure michelle will have a lot of questions for you. Do you have a facebook?

    And Michelle good luck on your 3-night rotary escape!
    Have lots of fun!
    I love you!

  3. @JL I checked out your blog. You're impressive. Did you study Chinese or Japanese before going to Taiwan?

    What about rotary rules? How did you find them? I keep hearing about how rotary in Taiwan will make my life hard. Truth to this?

    I'm loving Taipei.

    Well I have to run now. Rotary calls.

    You're so hands on with my life. XD Thank you.

  4. Yep, I do have a facebook account. The e-mail I use there is; feel free to drop any questions! =)

    Thanks! I studied Japanese for a few years before. It was always my prime language study, but as you probably already know, you can't really go into the depths of Japanese without knowing Chinese. =D

    I actually wasn't with Rotary, but the rules they gave me were the same as Rotary's, according to the other exchange students. They didn't give you a copy?

    I'm not sure about making life hard-- I think they would like you to really push yourself to make the best use of time. I remember my friends from Rotary had meetings almost every weekend.

  5. How is it WAAAAAAY over there? I move in to college on the 1st. I was going to say that in days. And its midnight here so its technically 3 days from today. But I'm not so sure what that translates to on the other side of the solar system... Hope you're having fun :)

  6. i LOVE those shoes and that striped shirt with the bow!!! have you worn them together yet?? they look like they complement each other well, but then again i'm a guys so maybe they don't >.>

    also how hot is it usually over there?? is it summer? i would have guessed it would be winter since its on the other side of the globe but i'm not sure if it works like that >O<

  7. @JL, you commented on my facebook! I remember you!

    @Tyler It's good WAAAAAAY over here. I'm busy busy. Learning Chinese and more Japanese and forgetting english. GOOD LUCK IN COLLEGE! ~_~

    @Zack I think they would like nice together. I haven't tried them together yet. But you're a smart guy.

    It's always REALLY hot over here. It's summer.

    I bought new shoes. You'll really like them.