Monday, August 23, 2010

Plane tips and my experience!

Hello again!

I will tell about my experience first. My flight was at 6 am. The airport was about an hour from my house. So I left home at 3 am. Because I had to leave at 3am, I just didn't sleep that night. I'm not sure if I recommend this. It's a personal choice.

My total plane ride was 28 hours.
I had never been on a plane on my own. I've been on planes all the time, but always with my family or boyfriend. And if you know me, you would know my sense of direction is not my strong point. BUT, I am here to tell you, it's not hard to fly alone. And some rotary clubs send students together, mine did. The first few flights were alone and then I met up with other exchange students for the last two flights.

I brought a book and food, but to be honest I didn't use any of them. I was way too tired at the start, and then I was too excited. I would bring something to do, but you may or may not use it. I used my cell phone a lot.

Bring some pins with you and your blazer.

My time on the plane when I was alone was a little sad. I kept asking myself what I was doing. Expect that. I did. Comfort yourself!! It works. When I was with people, I much more happy. Try to talk to other students.

Smile when you meet your exchange parents no matter how tired you are.

This is CA. CA was one of my stops. I had never been there before. Look at the ground, it's so weird for someone who comes from CT.

All pictures are taken with my phone because I cannot afford better. Sorry everyone! But I try hard to get them with good quality.

Leaving my boyfriend (David) at the airport was hard. But we are doing great. I talked to him on skype today.

You will probably cry, I don't know, maybe not. I did. It's normal and okay to be sad. But try not to be too sad, okay?!

Okay, that's all for this post. BUT, if you want me to add something or answer a question, please tell me!! I love to hear from you guys. Even if you say only that you read this, that's okay!

Xie xie (thank you) everyone!


  1. omg its just like ct!!! so many mountains!! except the ones there are smaller. back here in ct it might as well be just one big mountain :D

    what I really want to know about is ur family!!! you should take pictures with each of them and then post something about them. i really want to know what your host mother looks like.

    ps i do have skype

  2. @Zack No one can understand your sarcasm. So don't use it. : D

    I am getting to my family. I'm not there yet. Everyday I'm so tired. I'm soooo busy. You're lucky I'm doing like a post a day.

  3. i'm not commenting to everyone else, just you. if you can understand it that's all that matters ;D but i'll try to refrain. i'm watching your video in your recent post right now