Thursday, August 26, 2010


I was looking at my information concerning my blog. Most of my viewers are from America. That's expected because I'm from America. But what was interesting is that I'm really popular in Denmark! Hello people from Denmark! Why haven't you commented?!?!

Also, you all click on David's posts. Do all of you like his posts more!? What's up with that?! XD He would be pleased to know how many of you clicked on his posts. My viewers are so supportive of him. You may not comment too much, but actions are louder than words and I am hearing you loud and clear.

UPDATE: It's going to take 69 minutes for my next youtube video. O_O


  1. Hi! My name is jordan, and I recently went on an exchange trip to Japan. I'm thinking about applying for a gap year to Taiwan. And yeah, thats my introduction, sorry I'm not from Denmark xD

    Have you started taiwanese school yet? I'd be interested in hearing about that ^^

  2. Hello Jordan!

    I'm so happy you wrote!

    I like the way you have an uppercase j for Japan and lower for your own name!! True Japan lover!!! sorekara, nihongo ga wakarimasu ka?

    How long were you in Japan?

    I have not started school. I start in three days.

    I forgive you for not being from Denmark. XD

    Come to Taiwan, it's a cheap Japan. With a tad bit of a strong smell... <.< >.> I hope no one takes this the wrong way.

  3. i like your posts better. after all, it is YOUR blog and not his, although i guess if you have a day you can't blog or something like that, it wouldn't be too too bad if he posted. keep doing the videos, btw. its much easier to follow along with what you have written in the past when there is a visual to help follow along to. its also nice to see ur face ;D

  4. @Zack okay! I have lots more to post.