Thursday, August 26, 2010

House Tour!!!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let you know before I start this post that I will not be posting for the next couple of days because I have a rotary camp program thing.

So let's get to it! This time I talked and I am in the video! I took this video today. And I'm posting it today. Usually I like going in order, and I have a lot of videos I've already shot, but you requested this video, so I'm putting it on first!

This is my house. The maid's name is Adi, she was in the kitchen.

(This video has been taken down at the request of my first host mother. Sorry.)


Part one of this video is telling me it's going to take 36 minutes to upload. Joy.


  1. everything looks so cute!

    I love you so much...

    It feels nice to have an idea of what your current home looks like. It seems like they have a lot of stuff! Do Taiwanese people generally bathe or shower? In Europe baths are common, and in America they are rare, so I'm curious about Taiwan.

    I love you very much Michelle.

  2. even though you looked "bummy" (you sounded so british >U<) i highly appreciated the harry potter shirt ;D

    it's really suprising to me how similar japanese and chinese houses are!!! i was especially suprised to see those toilets, but then again the japanese and chinese are pretty close to each other (in location and culture) so i guess it makes sense ;D you must be loving that bath o.o i'm so jealous of you D:<

    and the maid and the father sleep in the same room???? no wonder the mother is so mean to her >.> <.<

  3. i just realized how smiley-overloaded that last post was. i'm sorry D:

  4. @David, Bath and shower is mixed here. 50-50. I love you too.

    @Zack It's David's shirt. XD That might change your mind about liking it.

    There'e is this really atsui (I know this doesn't work, but I'm speaking in code!) boy half japanese in my class. He sits next to me. I'm so ureshii.

    I have my own Japanese teacher at school!

    I love the toilet and bath. The father sleeps with the mother when he's home. But he hasn't come home yet. He's still flying in China.

    The smileys look natural to me... ? Hontouni hontouni.

    And the mother isn't mean to her. It's the culture... I think.