Friday, October 1, 2010

Toilet Resturant and Night at Shoheikun's house!!

So yesterday has to have been one of my favorite days here. I'm not going to lie, it was amazing.

I will upload pictures later. (NOW)

So, I tried to get Shoheikun to be something with me this weekend, but in Taiwanese and Japanese culture, they really prefer group events rather than one on one. With my exchange friends... they're all into drinkinh. My Japanese friend, Shoheikun, on the other hand is actually pure. XD So it was really hard for me to find a group that enjoyed non partying things. Thankfully, my french friend was going to this toilet restaurant, (which was sooo cool) and invited me along. I brought two guys along.

But, in the email I sent Shoheikun, he misunderstood where I said to meet, so he was half an hour late. BUT, it all worked out. He was really great about it. I felt really bad.

So, I actually didn't fail at talking to him. And he's getting better at talking to me. Because now he knows what I understand and what is hard for me to understand.

We all ate. And then I went to take Shoheikun and my classmate to the unoffical Rotary exchange student drinking party. But, he really didn't like it. He said it was fine. But actually, I'm pretty sure he felt out of place. So after 10 minutes I told him we should do something else. He was a little shocked by that, I think. But grateful. He shouldn't be so shocked though, even though I'm American, I can still understand his moods. So we went to his house!!!!

That's right, I went to his house. Jealous? His house was cool. He had his hair straightener out and his contacts. XD So cute. Oh, and he showed me his cosplay costumes!

Then we had a really long chat on Google Translator. He told me a LOT about himself. He's really a good person.

Then we tried to watch the third Death Note movie, but we ran out of time.

Oh yeah, he also invited me to an Animecon. Win.

We totally strengthened our friendship. I got to know him so much better. It's so cool to have to depend on my Japanese. It's the most exciting feeling. I have to get better.

This night was the whole reason I've devoted so much of my life to Japanese. It's so nice to see your work payoff. I can't wait to get better. I wonder if learning Chinese will feel the same. I'm not good enough to get these kinds of feelings.

Learning languages is so cool.


  1. ...i'm mostly just jealous of you going to an anime convention T_T ilovethose.
    lolol toilet restaurant. i wouldn't be able to have an appetite eating there XD

  2. Anime cons are so cheap here! Like 4USD to get in!!!

    It was really clean. They just had really cute looking toilets everywhere. XD

  3. O_O omg really?! I want to go to Taiwan now... And attend like 905834905834 conventions...

  4. Michelle, wow-that was such a unique restaurant I'm going o show To
    tomorrow @ work. That is really cool!! Great pictures!
    That was considerate of you to leave the company of your other aqaintainces in rotary for the sake of your Japanese friend. Good call! It sounds like you had a much better time anyway. Great idea to use Google translator too!
    This Japanese kid seems straight out of the Tawainese dramas- it's so interesting to learn about your friendship together - even still with the differences in language. Keep the updates coming; your doing a great job. :-) Nice pic of you btw! :)

  5. It was a really cool resturant and not even that expensive. My meal was a drink, soup, deep fried cod (plus fries), and ice cream and it was only... I forget, but under 15 USD! Pretty good.

    Yeah, I was on an outting with my classmates. I invited them, of course I wouldn't leave them off to the side and do stuff with other people.

    It was MUCH more fun at Shoheikun's house. It was so cool to see his house and meet his family. They talked Japanese to me. XD

  6. I'm REALLY glad that you get to use your Japanese. I know how bumbed you were when you first found out that you weren't going to Japan, but knowing now that you have a hot Japanese boy to practice your Japanese with makes me mecha mecha ureshii~ ;D And I'm SOOOO jealous about the Animecon event!!!! You and Shoheikun should go shopping so he can help you buy a costume!!! It can be like a date/being a really bad uke (according to David) outing!!! (David if you read this don't get mad >O<). Also, I absolutely love love LOVE the last picture. You both look so uke and willing. It's wonderful ;D

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