Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello Everyone

Just another dreaded update post.

So right now I am applying for college. American colleges. While I'm in Taiwan. It's really hard. What makes it harder is my one hour a day computer time limit. And how busy I am with everything else. I just wanted to let you know I'm not going to be able to post for awhile. I have tons of content, but I will have to wait to upload it.

Right now getting into college is the most important thing and learning Chinese is second. My blog is third. So once the college stuff ends I'll have time for you again.

As you know I am very limited in computer time, therefore whenever I am online I am planning to do stuff in Taiwan with my friends in Taiwan, or working on my college appilcations. It sucks. I don't have time to just chill on the computer. So I wanted to say it's not that my blog comes last, because it doesn't; it's just that I don't have ANY time. I don't go on youtube, I don't read other blogs, I don't read stories or watch dramas anymore. I used to love those things. But I simply don't have time.

I hope you all understand and will bear with this.

Wish me luck on getting into college while in another country. XD


  1. I thought you had 2 hours on the computer per day :( Were you limited? I miss seeing your updates <3

  2. I understand Michelle. I'd much rather know that your out and about taking in all your surroundings then sitting infront of a computer anyway. Good luck! I love you.


  3. So now I'm left alone procrastinating my homework while I watch all the J-Drama's you used to force down my throat?? >U< Jk I'm glad you were able to finish the applications now so you don't have to worry all the time about finishing them. I know when I had to do that it blew really hard. But even so, now that you're elsewhere with UNLIMITED computer time you have more time for subscribing to thousands of YouTube makeup gurus!!! Yay!!! And if I'm a really lucky boy, I'll have to watch those too when you come back, because I just love watching videos meant for girls about makeup and nails. Too much fun!!