Saturday, October 2, 2010

A school day

So I went to school after chinese class and lunch.

I started my school day by hunting down Shoheikun.

He was trying to look serious.

Then since I don't have a uniform yet, the school dressed me up in this:
GREAT. Another fashion statement.

Then this kid went to sleep

Then they gave me this huge knife. XD

They wanted me the cut a carrot into perfect squares. The chief showed me how, but he wasted half the carrot. I'm not going to waste food to have the most perfect looking carrots. It wont make them taste better, if wont make them healthier, and no one will even care. It's wasteful. So I did it my way.

These are my results.

These are the chief's results.

You can see his look better. 

Then we spent 1,000 hours cleaning.

Oh, and here is a VERY cute picture of my school mates.

They both have the uniform, not sure why I don't have mine yet.


  1. Michelle, your carrot squares look very close to the chefs in perfectness- now your shredded ones dare I say this - look better than his. :-o
    your a natural with food prepping and cooking. By nature you have always gravitated toward baking and cooking. Throw in the Asian twist and now you also have a taste and desire to do well.

  2. Nice pic od your Japanese friend, Shoheikun. You also look very nice in you chef attire.

  3. Correction, "of" your friend and "your chef attire."

  4. I really like cooking. But I really hate wasting food.

    Soon I'll get my real chief uniform. I really want it.

    Thank you for your compliments.

  5. Your uniform looks great >.< why be jealous of theirs???

  6. I love that you're exercising the Japanese ways of modesty. "It took the other students 29834923874 hours to do it, but it only took me 2 seconds and mine was better than all of theirs." Very attractive (but I agree ;D). And I love the new fashion statement!!! Do you think kids at UMass would like it if I started to dress like that? I think they would. I would become the coolest kid on campus.

    It's so wierd seeing you post pictures of non-Asian people! I didn't think they existed over their besides you. Maybe that's because most of the pictures are of a certain Asian in particular wearing suits *cough Shoheikun cough cough*. I'm sure David must have simply loved this post. If I were him, I would too >U<

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