Saturday, October 2, 2010

Making Dumplings!

I just learned how to make dumplings at home! It was really cool. I hope we have all these skins at home. I think if you have the skin, then making them is not so hard.

Ground beef

Just use a little

Fold towards you, and wet the left corner

Fold towards you again

Pull the two corners up and make them cross.

Kind of mush them together.

We made a bunch

They made the dumplings in soup.

This I'm throwing in for my little brother. Mom, show him. I took this picture just for him.


  1. Mmm, that looked good- the dumplings that is- the Ovaltine is cool too. I'll share that with him tomorrow. I do like the US packaging better- they just changed it to blue with a screw on top. I'll let you know what he says. Okay, so how did the soup come out? I know dumplings have always been a favorite of yours. :-)

  2. The soup was okay. The best soup I've had here. But, I think dumplings taste MUCH better fried.

    That Ovaltine wasn't powder. It was already mixed! They sell it in 7/11.

  3. Oh wow- already mixed ovaltine! I guess I still prefer unmixed so you can select your own milk. I meant to add in your favorite is *fried dumpling

  4. Matthew says, "It's super creepy. People need to do work and make it." so I guess he is used to the idea somebody mixing it. Have to say I agree with him.:D

  5. Instead of making the whole thing, you should just eat what's in the first picture. I mean, your picture just makes it look so appetizing that I could lick the whole entire pan!! Now I know what my dinner is going to be tonight ;D

    But in all seriousness, we're obviously going to be making this when you get back. Except your going to have to teach me, because my uke skills still need some touching up after having not used them in a while (well, most of them....>U<). How long does it take you to make those? And would I be able to buy the skins back here in America??? It looks like if I could, I would have to search around for a bit >O<.

  6. The first picture is my favorite. XD

    Idk if you can get the skins there. But when I come back we're going to hit up all the asain stores in MA because I'll be able to talk chinese by then. I'm also planning on bring so much food back.