Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Derrick's birthday, Ximending, KTV and Pizza!

When you're an exchange student in Taiwan, pizza becomes your bestfriend. I didn't even really like pizza too much in America, but I love it here. Anyway, on with the post.

Yesterday was my friend's birthday! We threw a surprise party at MTV! What is MTV? It's a room you rent to watch movies with your friends. That's right, a private movie room. Sound expensive? It was $4 USD per person. And the includes a drink. You pick the movie. It's pretty cool. It's a popular sex place I hear.
Anyway, we had like 20 people there, so there wasn't really a chance of anyone having sex.

It was fun, I left early because I didn't feel like getting home at 12 am.

I brought my classmate with me, Ya Yuan. Her and I had dinner and then we went home.


This is my last test. I did really well. Look at it. Looks so scary.

"egg rolls with chocolate filling" I wanted to try it. It was good. I wouldn't call in an egg roll though. Not at all.

I bought this. I liked it. Just sharing. XD I would hate to get tan.

Ya Yuan is so cute

My classmates are teaching me stuff

They're so cute

This is the KTV room

Yeah, I know my pictures suck

Sorry. But at least I took pictures.

This was outside of the MTV.

Ya Yuan and I eating

This was mine

A picture Mickey, Ya Yuan, and I drew. We're 4 years old. I'm really growing down here. Not up. Just down.

This was the pizza place

This is the name.
If you see this place, go there, they're pretty cheap.

Drink bar. Free drinks, DIY style.

This is Ximending



I heart Japan

Welcome. Please give us your money.

This is my new friend. She bought me this really good coffee.

I love her for this

Can anyone tell me what this says? 

Derrick is really a good friend. I hope he had a great day.


  1. 營養標示 nutriment
    每100毫升 per 100 ml
    熱量(calory) 57.0kilocalories
    蛋白質(protein) 1.7 g
    脂肪(fat) 1.8 g
    飽和脂肪(saturated fat) 1.2 g
    不飽和脂肪(unsaturated fat) 0 g
    碳水化合物(carbohydrate) 8.5 g
    鈉(sodium) 50.0 mg


  2. Hi Michelle,
    The pizza looks very good here. haha
    It seems like your having a really nice time overall. :) I'm happy for you. Plus, you have met alot of nice friends. The pics are awesome they really depict what's going on in your life. It looks like fun/plus it's nice to know how other young people have fun in their cultures too like their "hot spots." Take care!

    Hugs & Kisses Love Mom

  3. @Anonymous
    Thank you so much! Do I know you?!

    The pizza at pizza hut is the best.

  4. I never knew there was anything called a "ham melon." You should bring one home. I really wanna try it >U<

    And PLEASE tell me you went into that Ringo store. The sign alone is cute and amazing, and I at least there you won't need other commenters to give you nutrition facts ;D

    Also bring back some of that pizza. Our "lovely" and "delicious" American pizza is basically just grease composed of sweat, which they probably made in Bridgeport after dropping it down a sewer. Just writing this right now makes me want more!!!