Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today! Pool and Korean BBQ

Today I planned on staying home and studying. But it ended up being a REALLY fun day. That's good and bad for me. XD

First Peggy took my to the pool! The pools in Taiwan are serious business. They are amazing.

It's not just a pool, they have all this other cool stuff too.
And they have herbal hot tubs. The yellow one and purple one are herbal.

And Peggy is so nice, she gave me a bag and this care package of stuff to bring to the pool. She even included snacks and a comb!

And then we went for Korean BBQ. It was amazingly good. I love eating meat. I also love the Taiwanese style of getting tons of food to choose from. There was this seafood cake. It was pretty perfect. I don't think I have pictures of it though.

This was the resturant

The stove on the table- do it yourself style- is very popular in Asia. I wish it would catch on in USA.

Meat on top, soup and veggies on bottom. The juice from the meat goes into the broth. It's really good.

They gave us tons of meat to cook. And other stuff. It's all already prepaired. When you cook meat, you should wrap it with lettuce and then eat it. It's Korean style. It tastes really good that way.   

At first I wasn't going to upload these pictures right now, but, I'm in a good mood. I really have been liking my blog lately. So let's do it now! Let's just go for it. Why not?

I did like three posts today. Wow. But, to be honest, I wrote the dumpling one yesterday. I just added pictures today.


  1. Wow, did you enjoy the pool? It sounds like fun! Did Peggy accompany you in the pool or other friends in Rotary? What was in the care package? That was very nce of Peggy, thoughtful. What is the herbal bathing benefits?
    Mmmmm , the food at the restaurant seems amazing. I bet I'd love Korean food-I love lettuce. Are those bean sprouts I see also? I've been eating those alot lately- adding them to my salads. Their quite filling it seems- and healthy.
    There is no shortage of good food there, is there. You may be getting a little spoiled with all the choices/variety. Haha I wonder if there is a Korean restaurant local to where we live... Hmmm

  2. Next to us, 30 minute drive, we have this AMAZING Korean shop that sells Bi Bim Bap. David and I used to go there all the time. It's not really a resturant. It's a mini market, but I never buy things from there because it's over priced. But, her Bi Bim Bap is SO GOOD. If you want, I can ask David for the address.

    In the care package was this really cool and cute towel that wraps around you and has velcro (sp?) at the top and it stays put when you wrap yourself in it. It's pink and has lace. I can't really explain it too well. And a face towel. And a mini bottle of lotion, shampoo, conditioner. A comb. A water bottle. A bag of chips. Googles. Shower cap. And a plastic bag for my wet swim suit. She thought of everything. She's great.

    I don't know the benefits. But I hope it's weight loss. XD
    Those were bean sprouts, they taste better here. I ate so much of them.

  3. That herbal pool is a major difference between Taiwanese and American public swimming pools. You see, in America if I had seen a pool that was yellow and small, I would either assume it was the kiddie pool where wonderful little children who couldn't hold it in till they went to the bathroom had just swam, or that it was filled with a disgusting amount of chemicals to clean those children's mess. However, I digress ;D. And I agree. America really needs to get their act together and start implementing the "do-it-yourself" restaurants. I mean as much as I love having to wait 5 hours for the waiter/waitress to get my food. It's just too much fun ;D

  4. I agree with everything you said. It's so rare for me to do that with other people.

    It's so easy to see why we're friends whenever you write to me. XD I enjoy you so much.

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