Friday, October 29, 2010

Small update

So I didn't bomb my SATs. I actually did okay.

Right now I am at Peggy's workplace. Anyway, I asked Peggy her birthday today. It's in the winter. Ah, I've noticed I always get on with people born in the winter. Peggy is so nice and generous and considerate.

She amazes me. She's this nice and gentle Taiwanese women. The small details don't escape her at all. Yet, she's a powerful and successful business women. I think she's a rare kind of person. Not just for Taiwan, but for any country. It's hard to find people like her.

I got told I look like a middle school student today. Um, I should be a college student right now...

The college stuff is going well. I still have no time though.

I had another rotary meeting today. The food looks good. This is how it normally works:

I get there 10 minutes before it starts to study for my speech. Which I must give in Chinese every time.
Then all the people come in. The brave ones will talk to me. There aren't too many. But after the braves go away, some nice ones will usually come. This isn't to say the brave ones aren't nice. Then they talk to me in Chinese and realize I can't speak Chinese too well.

Then we eat. Today Peggy was there and she translated what was worth translating. It was helpful. But in the first five minutes of eating, I'm called up, in Chinese, to go give my speech.

I usually look around in a confusion for a couple seconds wondering why everyone is looking at me, then I understand they called me up. So I rush up there and forget everything I practiced. And I look at them. Then I take out my paper and start to read forgetting the tones and what I'm even talking about. Then I finish and collect my money. I have to take a picture while receiving my money.
Then I go back to my seat. And I finish eating and wait about two hours. It's not bad, honestly. And it got even better this time because Peggy was with me.

I always hear my exchange friends talking about how when they go to their clubs, it's like a drunken meeting of laughs. But my club keeps it classy. You know me. XD Zack, I wrote this sentence for you. Actually, like the last three sentences are for you.

On with my day, the rotary meeting stuff is over with. Oh, wait. I forgot to tell you something. So like last month I bought and wrote out a thank you note to the Yungfu leader. But I forgot it today! So I had to go buy another one and rewrite it. But I'd just like to share that with you. I feel it was really an adult thing for me to do. I write thank you notes now. I always knew I'd be that type of person. Four years ago me, wouldn't have done this. I feel like I'm growing! It's stupid to write this. But it's my blog. I can write what I feel. And maybe it's not stupid. It's just weird to admit to feeling this way about it. XD

So then Peggy and I had a talk about the shoes Kai Ping says I have to buy. She's going to cover it and she even told me what bus to take to the nightmarket. We had this talk in the taxi on the way to her job. She then gave me a tour. She then let me do what I wanted to do while she went to her meeting. I would go on. But that's where I am in real life. I'm going to stay here until 6:30 and go home with her.

Okay, this post wasn't my best. But it's something. I hope you got something out of it.


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  1. Earlier this morning my mother asked me to walk Hannah. And not just walk her, but bring her to the park as well. I of course complained profusely, but I actually did do it. The whole car ride I was having the same thoughts you were about being an adult, especially since it was negative fish degrees and I couldn't feel my fingers. Because I was such an adult I decided to reward myself with coffee ;D

    Of course, you probably would have benefited more from the coffee during your speech than I do now sitting at home doing useless Japanese grammar. I'm glad you have such a strong support and "role model," if that term is correct, from Peggy to help you though. I mean if I was there I would probably be making crude remarks about the rest of the children who had to give speeches, so her positive reinforcement will hopefully undo all the negative I've done over the years >U<