Saturday, November 27, 2010

What do I cook at school?

The white thing is call hua jh. Or cuddle fish. Take your pick of names.

 And does my school have it's own resturant? Yes. A bakery, a "western" resturant, and a Chinese resturant.

The western tables look like this:

 Yes, I can fold the napkins like that. I'm that skilled.

I would really like to post more stuff today, but I'm tired now. I just stent out all my college applications. Tired tired tied. I'm so busy doing stuff lately.


  1. The food looks so good! You're going to be such an amazing cook when you come back

    And good luck with all your college apps

  2. Wow, Michelle that is so nice! Everything looks so nice presentation wise and it also looks pretty tasty!
    You, always had an interest in learning to fold napkins like that. I remember whenever we went to a fancy Chinese restaurant when you were a small girl, that you'd express an interest in the napkins and try to fold them exactly the way they did. XD

  3. The cuddle fish actually looks kind of cute. Even if it is dead and about to be eaten. I would have felt bad about cooking it D: And where did you learn to fold napkins like that??? You should teach me :))

  4. @Jessica,
    I'm am an okay cook. I got hired in a bakery. But no one will eat Asian food. Thanks for the good luck with my college. It's been a year and I'm still not there. I'm working a saving up though.
    It has such a cute name.
    They teach you. It's easy. But I already have forgotten. Although if I saw it done I would remember.