Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thanksgiving is an American holiday when we eat a lot of food with family and it's okay to be really fat. It's the one day a year where you just keep eating and eating and everyone is okay with it. XD Actually it's supposed to be about family. But it's traditional to have a whole roasted turkey, and tons and tons of food.

In Taiwan, they don't even know what day Thanksgiving is. The day went by without notice. Actually, I forgot about it too, until about 9 am in the morning when an American exchange student in my Chinese classes told me. Then I got a little sad.

But actually my day was great.

I went to school and there was a meeting about chocolate. Ah, the joys of going to a cooking school. So Marielle and I spent the whole meeting drawing stuff. We actually drew a really smart picture of the Taiwanese election going on right now and some other ones.

It's so funny. We couldn't stop laughing in the chocolate meeting. We got free chocolates too.

Here are some pictures of the real meeting, which was actually pretty cool. We got to see the chocolate bean and we got to taste 100% chocolate. It's pretty bad tasting.

After school, Marielle told me she forgot her house keys so she couldn't go home. So we took the opportunity to go shopping for some food and cups and plates for the next culture fair we have coming up and for our Kaiping Birthday thing. I will talk about that more later.

Then Peggy had invited me to dinner to help me with a Chinese speech I have to give to rotary. She's so nice. I had tried to call her and tell her Marielle was with me and ask her if that was okay. But I couldn't get in touch with her. Anyway, she reacted so sweetly. When I told her it was thanksgiving she told us that we would celebrate it together! So we went out for steak!

It was so good.

 Outback Steakhouse
Seared Tuna

We got so much food.

Then she helped me with my speech. And told me she would help me find calligraphy lessons. I'm so excited about that.

My speech:

It was a good day.


  1. I loved this day !! We should try every morning the drawn club ! No Drawn Club ? We can do it by ourself !
    PS : Of course, it's Daniel on the second picture (ironie hihi)

  2. I love the picture of you in the grey sweater. You're so cute!

    I find it hard to beleive how quickly you are learning Chinese! To me that paper still looks like so many scribbles, but the fact that you can read it is quite impressive. You have done a great job juggling a lot of work, with school, Chinese, and all the rotary meetings. I am proud of you.

  3. I went to a chocolate class where we got to hold the cocoa nuts!!! It was fun. I stole part of the nut and ate it. I guess I'm sweet wherever I go ^^

    And you forgot about Thanksgiving?! But you always get so excited!! I thought you loved eating a lot of food every day. Stuffing your face full of turkey and other healthy foods. Don't worry. When you come back I'll make you a massive Turkey. With Japanese curry stuffing. And onigiri instead of mashed potatoes >U<

  4. @Marielle
    That day was so fun. I wasn't even supposed to be there. Your first thanksgiving?! XD
    The students heard me say I was cold and they offered their jackets!
    They poop out the nut. Some creature I forgot. But they do.

    Why didn't you make me that when I came back!? Why didn't I demand it?