Monday, November 1, 2010

A warning

The problem with some (key word) of the exchange students, and no, I will not name names, it that they don't have goals.

 They are content to take FULL advantage of their new found freedom and go WILD with it. You can party in any country. You can do what they are doing in any basement of your home country.

They are so young minded. The problem isn't about age; it's about maturity. Sure everyone likes a good time, but you sometimes you have to think a little more than that. Believe me, I like to go wild at times. Any of my friends will tell you that. Any of them... But, they will also tell you that I don't let that interfere with my ability to focus on the task at hand. I could understand partying sometimes, but I don't understand how they could be happy with just that. As if they have no interest in Taiwan. I would have thought that may be true for some of the western countries. Those countries that are well known  for partying; but I thought it would be far less mainstream here. Forgive me for thinking people that come to Asia are actually interested in Asia.

And I am American, so don't take this the wrong way; but it's mainly the Americans acting this way. Most of them are the young ones too. They're playing a game they would NEVER get away with in their own countries.

I'm just disappointed. When you sign up for this kind of thing, you want to believe that everyone else is as genuinely interested as you. But I'm here to tell you while some people are, most are not, when it comes down to it.

And what's really sad is when I see someone who was so happy to be here, get sent home, because no one would actually listen to them for two seconds. This person has actually had an interest in Taiwan, unlike the many who only talk the talk. And they were sent home. Why? Host family issues. But more than that. It was a lack of support. It's sad. It makes me feel angry. Whose fault is it? A little of everyone's.

So a word of warning, if you actually like the country you're going to, and actually want to try to learn something: don't expect everyone to be on the same page as you. Just don't. And god forbid you've had a taste of the real world; you may be way above the levels of the other exchange students.

Of course, this is a problem anywhere. In high school, college, everywhere. But just a heads up.

Please keep in mind I like all of the exchange students here. And many of them don't fit this mold. At all. Many of them have been dreaming and working towards this for a long time. But I talk about the good and the bad. And right now, I'm disappointed in some of the Americans.

As always, let me know what you think.


  1. u know what , i understand you totally and i would be dissapointed to if my country men were doing thngs like "unacceptable things"like what were they doing? pranks? drinking? etc.

  2. At first I was surprised when I read this. Then I thought about it for a bit and realized there really wasn't anything out of the ordinary here. American teens are far too's unfortunate that more of them aren't like you.

  3. @ Sage:
    Welcome back.


    "American teens are far too's unfortunate that more of them aren't like you. "

    ...In which ways? XD

  4. They should put this on the CGS website, seeing as 99% of those children spend their time obsessing over the new trend in j-pop culture rather than improving on their utter-shit Japanese proficiency, pardon my strong language (as well as that on my other current posts >O<) for those finding it offensive. It makes me angry too. It's like a slap in the face to those who actually take an interest in something other than themselves and their popularity. The sad thing is is that even those in college who pay buckets of money to learn couldn't bother to care because their too busy throwing-up in a frat house bathroom.

    Personally, I blame the non-sweet males of our culture, however that may be just me (>^u^<)