Monday, November 22, 2010


They don't do anything for it here, but, Rotary threw a party. I didn't go to that party. But I heard it was not really... Well, I can't say, I didn't go.

BUT, when I was in the super market around Halloween time, I found these childrens costumes. It's weird how every country has there own take on it. Pretty cool.

About $13USD, in case you ever wanted to know

My little brother would love this stuff.

Sorry this is so late, but hey, it's here!


  1. Yes, Matthew would like the Superman/super hero one.

  2. I want a Sakura one! I could wear it to my Japanese class and make so many friends!!! >U< Were they all ninja/magic related?? It's funny seeing a such strong influence of Japan in another Asian country on an American holiday. Its like a whirlpool of culture.