Monday, November 22, 2010


I'm getting really into calligraphy. Rotary did this culture class one weekend and we learned it for a couple hours. It's so fun; I love it.

My name and my boyfriends chinese name

My Chinese name

I really really wish someone here would give me lessons. I would get my own lessons, but I have no money for it. I'm dead serious, if I could pay for it, I would do it. It's so so fun. It's relaxing. I love it.

I decided to spend a little money because I want to practice, but I know I wont have the money to take a class. So I bought these two pens. They're calligraphy pens. Usually you do calligraphy with a brush and ink, btw. This is kind of nontraditional, but easy to use anywhere and much cheaper than the real stuff.

I bought a Japanese pen for 2 USD and a Chinese pen for 1 USD.

The Japanese pen works better, this one is also actually like a brush rather than a felt triangle tip thing. Although, I could have gotten a chinese one with a brush and a Japanese one with a felt tip. But, my Japanese friend Kiwako has this other Japanese one I like a lot better.

Japanese is left, Chinese is right

The Japanese one gives you more control of how thin and thick you want the lines

Felt tip

The Japanese pen came with only one ink thing, the Chinese came with one and a refill!

 All my other posts today have been on really old stuff. This post however, is on stuff that happened just today.

I'm also going to throw in a Japanese snack I tried today. At the Culture Fair (I will do a post on it) , KiwakoChan gave it to me.

It's really salty and good.

Okay, never mind, Blogspot picture editor wont let me show you.

I hope you're happy with all the pictures. I have been thinking about you guys. Lately there's been too much plan typing. I know. I'm going to keep doing a mix of both. It wont ever be just one. So stay with me.

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  1. You ruined your coming home present!!!!! >:O I guess you're going to have two of those Japanese pens when you come back, so you better take those calligraphy courses. Especially so you can write "blah" even prettier!! But your forced to still act surprised. There are other cute things in store for you ;D