Sunday, January 2, 2011

Today my Host Mother Took me to a Mountain! Liyu Mt.

It was really so fun. We didn't go all the way up but I think we will work our way up to it someday. My second host mother is really so nice. She took so many pictures of me in beautiful places. The air is so clean in the mountains too. You see, right now, I live in Neihu and it has many mountains. I will post pictures later.
I really enjoyed it. Probably because we didn't push it. We stopped before I was too tired. I think that's so smart. It would be so nice to show my boyfriend this mountain. I asked my host mother why no Taiwanese couples went to the mountain. It's really such a romantic place. She said it's because taiwanese couples only go to the city for KTV, MTV, drinking, and dancing. It's a pity, I think. They should do both!

We also took motorcycle. It's so scary! But fun. I actually love it. It's like a roller coaster.

If you shake the ball in its mouth, it's good luck.

This is when we were leaving. It was very fun.


  1. Sounds like you're having an awesome time!

    I just found out that I'm going to Taiwan with Rotary 2011-2012! My first choice was Japan but I'm only 1% disappointed and 99% excited.

    Does your school have a dress code? It's a culinary school right? So no uniform...? I know in Japan girls can't curl their hair, wear makeup, or paint their nails, but what about Taiwan?

  2. Taiwanese schools all have uniforms. I have six different school uniforms.
    In Japan and in Taiwan, it depends on the school if you're allowed to do those things. But, you are not Taiwanese so they will not expect you to follow all the rules too closely.

  3. Michelle, this sounds like so much fun!! Did your host mom actually ride her motorcycle up the mountain or did you just ride it there and hike up? You look very pretty in the pics. I too especially like the one where your sitting for the pic. The scarf is very pretty too.